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    Hi everyone,
    I am going to record what happened on my Aneros session on March 25,2018 since this is the first time I have used my ET in several months.
    Hopefully by documenting what I do will help me reach the Super 0.
    I was really excited about using my ET so I started by giving my self a water enema, which I like to do. Then I got into a hot bubble bath and soaked for 30 minutes. Next I went to the bedroom and got the ET and lub and layed them on the towel beside the pillow that I put under the small of my back. Next I inject my prelub ( 5ml of KY liquid ) into my anus and stayed on all 4s for a couple of minutes so the liquid will coat my prostate. Next I turn on Youtube and find “Button Pushing Prostate Training” video/audio and climb on the bed. Putting the pillow in the small of my back I lay back relax, put lub jelly on the ET and slowoly insert it, feels good.
    I listen to the “Button Pushing”, relax, start breathing and start playing with my nipples. Playing with my nipples always sends shivers down to my penis. After a while I start conducting anal contractions. At this point my legs are bent and my feel on flat on the bed. Suddenly my legs start shaking as I conduct the anal contractions. I try to play with the contractions and the shaking gets more severe. For some reason I feel the need to grab my penis and balls and pull them. Next my breathing gets shallower and I am moaning and panting. It does not feel like an orgasm just shacking of my body. This goes on for 2 minutes as I continue extreme anal contractions, note I have not had any precum or leaking. This by far is the best session I have had since I started using the Aneros. I am going to have 3 sessions this week so hopefully the others will be just as good.

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