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    <from: https://community.aneros.com/forum/discussion/12170/my-first-anal-prostate-aneros-session#Item_1 >
    Hello to all of you.
    It's a lot of time that I don't read this forum but during this 2 years I continue to use my SGX with no particular or significant effects, till last week.
    During the last 2 years I started doing Yoga, so I learned how to relax myself and combine it with breath and movements/poses. So last week I decided to give it a chance and I combine relaxation techniques and yogic breath.
    One of the thing that I read on Aneros Forum is to completely relax and do nothing (thanks for all the things B Mayfield wrotes), so I lay down on my bed and left me completely relaxed, without incurring any muscle and letting my aneros would fit until it disappears from my anus.
    After 30 minutes (or more) I start to feel a glowing and warm sensation that comes from inside of my belly and expand to the perineum area. I let it go on and this went and come back a lot of time like a glowing ball. Another sensation overlapping the first one was that this pulsating energy also rotate inside of me producing a total feeling of well-being. All of this sensation was concentrated inside the pelvic and belly area.
    I did nothing by myself: I only focused on the sensation, trying to breathe in them an at that time i had lost the sense of time. All these sensation aroused me a lot, making my dick just a little bit hard but really wet of precum.
    Now I make a little contraction but not in the anus area. I try to figure out if i could contract inside of me, producing some effects on the SGX and something happend. I feel just like the Aneros was moving producing an amplification of all the sensation I describe above. My dick start pulsating and became harder and I feel it completly wet. The sensation and the feelings was the same like I'm ejaculating but I wasn't: I was only wet. I closed my eyes and rest on it then I relax. I could feel my earthbeat increasing in speed, my whole face seems warmer and I found myself with hand pouch closed (I do not remember having done so voluntarily).
    All these things were repeated three times more amplified and intense then I woke up. Was 2:30 am in the night: 3 hours of play. I felt completly satisfied and ready to sleep. I removed my Aneros and I went to bed.
    All these feelings have been with me the next day.
    I don't think to have reach a super-o but, wow. What a great experience !!!
    Now I'm waiting a week to try it again. I do not want to insist too much on my prostate and muscles and at the same time raise the excitement.
    Hope to read soon some reply to my latest experience.

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