• awakened

    I was awakened last night twice by orgasms. For the first one, I was half asleep so I don't remember a lot of the details. I do remember laying there for some time having multiple orgasms. At some point, they subsided and I fell back asleep. I was awakened again at around 2:30am. I remember this session more clearly. I had a bunch of intense orgasms. I decided to masturbate to try to calm things down and get some sleep (also just because I wanted to :)). I spent about 15 minutes on this. As usual, stimulation of the head of my penis sent shock waves throughout my body. Regular masturbation is still slowly merging with my anerosless activities. At some point, I'm assuming the feelings will be indistinguishable. Anyways, the super-t that resulted was really good.
    This morning (5 hours later) I'm in a constant state of mini-o's. I've had several more intense orgasms as well. I'm just going with the flow and riding them as long as I can.

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