• Athletic cup & SR challenge! Session for Thursday March 22 (day 18) : There is power and sublimity in my Aneros tools!

    Hi guys,
    I am now in day 18 of my athletic/”chastity” cup and SR challenge this morning. I am composing this blog entry immersed in powerful, yet Aless following another amazing Aneros session which I had in the five and six o’clock hour here before sunrise. I am interacting this Aless with lots of Kegels which comes to me so naturally now!
    I believe that the 21 day Semen Retention Aless as you progress through it actually improves your Aneros sessions. You refrain from ejaculatory orgasms during the period. This is the basis of male chastity which redounds in more sexual attention and even more so sexual tension. I wrote some reflections on male chastity in a blog post last December just before Christmas. I said that most chastity disciplines are religious in nature. I cited examples in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox religious monastic and ordained life, also chastity as practiced in the Mormon Church for strengthening married life and more committed Mormons. Yes, in most Eastern Orthodox churches, you have a married clergy, but married priests in those churches live a very strict life in sexual relations with their wives.
    Not much has been written about chastity inspired by ethics. However, there seems to be medical or health benefits of male chastity for long periods of time. However, there is a physical need for an occasional ejaculatory orgasm for “clearing the pipes” of semen past due! 🙂
    I wore my BIKE CUP supporter unit no. 85 to bed last night and slept blissfully all night long. I got up in the 4 o’clock hour and hopped on the Net. I also Kegeled in my BIKE CUP off and on until 5 o’clock. It felt so good doing this.
    Finally I began a session at 5:15 a.m. with Eupho Classic, MGX, and Maximus which lasted about an hour. All three Aneros performed exquisitely! I chose Eupho Classic for its slender, yet penetrative quality, MGX for its ribbed stem which massages my anal canal, and MGX for its girth, but also for its penetrative quality. I plan to use these three Aneros tools, perhaps also Tempo for my Saturday morning session.
    Post session, I have a powerful Aless that just won’t quit!
    Update @2:06 p.m. I have just come back from a short walk in my immediate neighborhood and some grocery shopping at our 7 Eleven. Walking certainly revves up my Aless at this writing.
    Update @9:07 p.m. near my bedtime. I spent most of today in a translation project. I just wore a pair of Jockey full-rise H-front briefs. I didn’t wore my accustomed BIKE CUP Supporter unit no. 85 today because it would have been too distracting. But tonight, that cup supporter is underneath some night sweats for a night of genital coziness. Also it seems whenever I wear an athletic cup, I tend to Kegel in it. Oh, such sweet sexual bliss!

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