• Athletic cup & SR challenge! Session for Wednesday March 21 (day 17) : Aneros session during a snowstorm!

    Hi guys,
    I had a fairly long and leisurely session early morning just after sunrise when our snowstorm was beginning. Winter seems to be holding on, but this now event will be the only one of the year. Points headed northeast, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston are getting major snowfalls today. It is our fourth nor’easter of this winter!
    Last night I wore my BIKE CUP Supporter unit no. 85 underneath a pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch boxer briefs and slept blissfully like baby. When I awoke about 6:15 a.m. this morning, I was rearing to go for a session. First I dressed in my winter clothing and got coffee and a brookie from our 7 Eleven. The coffee and rich chocolate brookie added fuel to what became of my best Aneros sessions in many weeks.
    I used the following Aneros tools in order: MGX, Helix Classic, Maximus, and Tempo. I have been on my Aneros journey nearly six years now. I have learned since 2014/15 to let my body relax, and also to use Kegels and rhythmic breathing to activate my Aneros models. They in their stead work me over. I cannot say how much wearing an athletic cup, such as BIKE, and a jockstrap magnify the sensations I feel many fold.
    At this writing it is 11:30 a.m. and getting close to the noon hour. My apartment building is so quiet now. I am sure not if apartment staff and workmen doing the renovations came to work today. Take care!
    Update @1:30 p.m. My apartment building is absolutely quiet even at this hour. This is a major treat! The snowstorm is slowly winding down and end early this evening. Temperatures in the 40’s tomorrow will cause much snow to melt.
    It is so wonderful today to diddle my nipples, Kegel in my athletic cup, and so interact with my Aless this way. I hope to do all this on my way to bed tonight and in bed overnight. The BIKE CUP with its banana, contoured shape and its thick polyethylene gasket is perfect for Kegeling in. So powerfully sweet in Aless.
    Update @9:09 p.m. Still going all the way wearing my jock and cup! Day 17 of my S.R. challenge has given me feelings of pleasure which I felt a good fifty-five years ago when I began masturbating to ejaculation and orgasm. That is why these days I feel like a randy teenager!


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      03/21/2018at5:06 pm

      @BigGlansDC Glad to hear you are still on your SR challenge! Never heard of a “brookie”! Once I looked it up, now I know! My use of cup supporters as “chastity cups” continues. I wore my Mueller cup last night. I don’t think I had a wet dream but felt some liquid come out (don’t think it was urine); nice wet spot! I am currently in Day 10 of my SR with no blue-balls yet. Enjoy (?) the early-spring snowfall!

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      03/21/2018at5:44 pm

      @goldenboy, A brookie is a 7 Eleven trade name for a combination brownie and blondie laden with chocolate chips! So it is loaded energy along coffee for superb Aneros sessions for me. I guess, even though I am nearly 69 years old, I am an avid fetishist when it comes to cup supporters. The BIKE CUP supporter unit no. 85, that I am wearing right now underneath my jeans, is still an athletic cup, though of course it keeps on my hands off my junk for masturbatory purposes! 🙂 I will reach my SR goal of 21 days on Sunday. I may masturbate later in the day and see how it feels! However right now I feel like a randy adolescent! 🙂

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      03/21/2018at7:36 pm

      Congrats at day 17! Almost there.
      “However right now I feel like a randy adolescent! :-)”
      Had to laugh at that, as I feel exactly the same. To quote an ex work colleague, “I could mount a warm scarf”

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      03/22/2018at1:17 am

      Thank you for your comments, @Harper! There is definite sexual sweetness as I continue along in day 17 of my SR challenge. As the days pass by, I wonder if I can experience blue balls and wet dreams that @goldenboy has experienced! There is no loss in even trying!

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