• Athletic cup & SR challenge! Session for Tuesday March 13 (day 9), etc.

    Hi guys,
    I have kept faithfully the athletic/”chastity” cup challenge. I am now in day nine. This morning I had a great Aneros session with MGX, Helix Classic, and Maximus in order while wearing my BIKE CUP supporter unit no. 85. Wearing an athletic cup and accompanying jockstrap magnifies very much the sensations of an Aneros session. A athletic cup supporter unit is also great for post-session in Aless for hours afterwards.
    The BIKE CUP no. 85 is a contoured banana cup which came out in 1985/86 has about the same dimensions of the Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Flex cup which @goldenboy uses as a male “chastity” cup in most of his sessions and even for everyday wear as well as in bed at night. Both cups have thick gaskets or perimeters which add to their comfort and prevent chafing in both sports and everyday wear.
    Update at @11:30 a.m. My session concluded five hours ago this morning. Right now, I have very strong Aless. The very low end of BIKE CUP is pointed somewhat. This athletic cup contains my genitals very comfortable where the pointed end covers my perineum. Aless seems to massage my perineum when I am in Aless and certainly when I Kegel. However, this athletic cup seems to be riding me right now, which is totally awesome!
    Update at @5:39 p.m. It is now late afternoon here. The workmen renovating my apartment building seem to have gone home for the day because it is so quiet and still. My Aless is still awesomely strong as I continue to wear my BIKE CUP and Kegel in it. Tonight most likely I wear it bed tonight.
    Update on Tuesday March 20 at 8 a.m. It is now day 16 of my Athletic cup & SR challenge. I kept up this challenge throughout last week despite other challenges and errands I had to run, but now I am back on course!

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