• Athletic cup & SR challenge! Session for Monday March 5 (day 1)

    Hi guys,
    @goldenboy has inspired me to do mine own SR challenge along with wearing my BIKE CUP as much as possible in daytime as well in bed at night.
    This morning in the 5-6 o’clock hour(s) I had an Aneros session once again while wearing my BIKE CUP no. 85 supporter unit. I used in succession the following the models: Eupho Classic, MGX, and Maximus. I tried this morning the “do-nothing” technique, but each of these Aneros tools massaged my prostate and bunghole of their own accord. I had no choice but to submit to their sleek Aneros fucking, in-and-out, in-and-out. It was so sweet.
    After my session this morning, showered and shaved. Then I donned my trusty BIKE CUP and cup jock underneath a fairly tight Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch brief, all underneath casual winter clothing.
    Wearing a jock and cup during an Aneros session magnifies many fold what I have experienced in my sessions over the years. It is heading towards to noon hour as I continue to wear my cup and jock. The BIKE CUP no. 80 was immensely popular among athletes when it came out 1985/85. The cup hooks underneath the scrotum and it massages the perineum. Wow! It is a really fun cup to Kegel in.
    I feel as though my saved up cum load is boiling in my nuts. The last time I had an ejaculatory orgasm was early last week. I intend to start practicing in earnest semen retention (SR) using the BIKE CUP as my chastity cup. Take care!
    Update no. 1 @12:30 p.m. I laid down on my bed to take a brief nap and to read a document issued by the church I attend. I hope to respond to this document later today by e-mail. Wish me luck that my wearing an athletic cup in sustained manner will not distract me at this task.
    During this athletic cup and jock challenge, I intend to wear my BIKE CUP and jock combo every day except during church time on Sundays. Right I hope to discover if the intense erotic feel of my BIKE CUP will wear off in great measure even as I pursue the 21 day SR challenge! Right now though I am raveling in the intense erotic feel of Kegeling with my cup and jock on!
    Update no. 2 @2:15 p.m. Just now I did some brief shopping outdoors at my neighborhood 7 Eleven. Walking with my BIKE CUP and jock on is just awesome! Now to some serious work this afternoon!
    Update no. 3 @7:15 p.m. I composed my response to the church document and e-mailed it off without any problem. Since then I have been working on a translation project and hope to continue with it for several hours. My BIKE CUP feels so awesome while doing all this. I Kegel ever so often to keep my nuts boiling. It feels so good! Then I attended to some laundry before changing into another “fresh” BIKE CUP no. 85 supporter unit with a fairly tight Jockey H-front pouch brief worn over it and my night clothes so comfortable! Right now as I compose this, I am Kegeling in my BIKE CUP and it feels so good!
    Update at @9:21 p.m. In a little while, I will head to bed and sleep contentedly in my BIKE CUP supporter unit no. 85 the whole night. Take care!

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      03/05/2018at7:27 pm

      @BigGlansDC Nice to hear you are progressing with wearing you jockstrap/chastity cup! You can really get “hooked” on them, no? Wearing a chastity device out in public is a real turn-on for me too! Please keep up posted on your progress!

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