• Arrival of the Trident Eupho and Maximus

    As the postman was kind enough to deliver the new Eupho and Maximus, it would have been rude of me not to try them immediately. I didn’t have much time, but wanted to get a feel for how each behaved.

    I opted for the Eupho first. Much slimmer than the Helix and a slightly different angle. I popped it in and lay down on the sofa and just started reading some news. Well wow!!! After about a minute, I suddenly felt some involuntary spasms, jerking my hips off the sofa.

    It seemed that this little device was like inserting a pencil into a pencil sharpener, it fit right in the spot and touched the absolute core of where it was intended to go. The sensations were so very focused right in the centre of my prostate. Just lying still, it felt like the tip of the Eupho was making 1mm circles round the centre of my being at 100mph.

    Due to my morning ministrations, I wasn’t expecting much, but the timer for my lunch in the oven went off, so I set up a couple of dining room chairs and sat with one leg on each chair and my backside hanging in the gap. That was pretty amazing, as the Eupho has more travel in and out than the Helix, so I felt it much more in my anus that the Helix and when it spasmed, I felt like I was being piston fucked and this went on through involuntary contractions for about 5 minutes. I had to go out, so brought myself to ejaculation a short while later

    Later on that afternoon, I told myself I wouldn’t try the Maximus, but it got the better of me and I popped that one in. It felt much fuller than the others and didn’t seem to move so much on it’s own accord. I settled down to just let it be, but soon enough the involuntaries started. This seemed to bring on some richer, deeper sensations. It felt good and was a good size for me, very comfortable. Some great sensations, but as this had been a pretty intense day, I again brought myself to ejaculation after an hour and a half.

    So, three quite different models, each with their own distinct behaviour. It will be interesting to see if one becomes a favourite, or if each one delivers a consistent result.

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