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    I'm putting a checkmark next to this entry. I've been experimenting with salvia for some time and continue to do so occasionally. My ally has taught me to be comfortable with being out of my body for short periods and has shown me some interesting processes going on inside me. I've learned to isolate my perineum muscles and how to use them. It just seems to know what I need to learn. I'll continue to explore with my ally. I haven't gotten to the super orgasm yet but am grateful for what I'm learning. So this is the last addition in this blog entry. I want to write about other things.
    Since this is more of a journal I'll be updating my experiences semi-regularly. Skip to the end of the blog for the latest entry.
    I found that I had unintentionally hijacked the topic in the"weed" forum discussion with my Salvia Divinorum experiences and thought that my descriptions of my experiences were more appropriate in a blog. So here it is. I'll keep updating it as I go.
    June 25
    salvia divinorum looks interesting; quick acting, short duration, not addictive, meditative affects, no hangover. I'm going to try it.
    Wikipedia says "Mazatec shamans have a long and continuous tradition of religious use of Salvia divinorum, using it to facilitate visionary states of consciousness during spiritual healing sessions.[1] Most of the plant's local common names allude to the Mazatec belief that the plant is an incarnation of the Virgin Mary, with its ritual use also invoking that relationship"
    June 26
    Here's a poetic description of the Salvia Divinorum experience from the Pharmako/poeia by Dale Pendel:
    "It's like a mirror with no frame: some don't see it at all; some do, but don't like what they see.
    It's like cat paws, soft cat paws pressing, or like a bunch of bird tongues lapping the mind. Or like tiny fingers, the way ivy fingers reach out to climb a wall . . .
    Some say it is a sensual and a tactile thing. Some say it's about temporality and dimensionality–that it's about time travel. Some say it's about the Root Energy Network, or that it is about becoming a plant.
    "Bird tongues lapping the mind." We timed them: they hit four or five times per second. It may be the theta rhythm."
    I just ordered some plain leaves and some fortified.
    June 28
    Alex, I haven't used Salvia Divinorum yet but I've read a lot about it and will take precautions. If chewed and held in the mouth like the Mexican Indians do, it is very gentle and subtle, takes longer to feel an effect, and can last as long as 3 hours. The effect I'm going for is the meditative state where my mind has free rein. But I'll see what experience I get! Salvia is associated with the Virgin Mary in native cultures because of it's experience of mediation with heaven to help others or oneself. Often native plant based shamanic rituals involve what they call an ally who guides and helps the shaman. In this case Mary is a ally, probably from the Catholic influence. I've already felt the Virgin Mary's help when I had my first and only LSD trip. Praying to her brought me safely home from a really dangerous overdose. The natives teach that praying, singing, or asking a question is the proper way to use Salvia. I'll stay away from vaporizing it or smoking it because the effects are too sudden and extreme. I'll let everyone know what it's like and if it helps with my journey. I think I've been held back by my need for antidepressants and I hope this may give me a boost.
    Later: the Salvia leafs have arrived but I don't know when I'll have a opportunity to try it.
    June 30
    okay, I've chewed a low dose of Salvia leaves twice, once without aneros and once with. I'm in a dark quiet room reclining on a couch, anointed with protective essential oil and have my question for the other world in my mind. The leaves taste bitter as I slowly chew them under my tongue and try not to swallow them. I notice a definite change a some point, a heat all over my body. It's pleasantly intoxicating. I direct it to my abdomen where I store my emotional distress, that's what my question for the ally is. The heat bathes my abdomen, it's very nice. I touch my belly to guide it there. The eupho syn has disappeared inside me. If I touch myself it feels good, better than usual. My penis gets hard but feels like someone else's penis. It gets extremely hard, almost painful. I'm watching the shadows in the room for any movement but don't see any. The hanging plant in the next room seems to writhe but I'm not sure. I begin touching myself all over and wonder at how good it feels. I'm surprised each time this happens as if it was the first time. It lasts for only a hour at most. I can tell when it's over, the heat recedes.
    I'm not disoriented during or after this. I don't try to do anything physical during the session. It's not like weed or LSD or anything I've done. I'm using leaves fortified with Salvonorin A, the active ingredient so it's a little more powerful but chewing is the least effective way to get the effects. I read that this is the first level of 6 levels of effects, subtle feelings that something is happening, meditative and sexual effects. That's exactly what I wanted. Afterwards I realize that the ally has given me a hint about my question. If I direct my energy to my abdomen with my mind, I may understand the emotional tension that I've stored there and may learn how to heal from it.
    I didn't get any benefit from riding the eupho during this session except to feel my whole body eroticized to touch. Even that was subtle. I didn't have any involuntaries or the usual orgasms. I felt the sexual energy building along with the heat and circulated it with my breathing the usual way, concentrating it on my abdomen. I found it harder to think except for my original inquiry. All in all it was interesting but not a break through. I've ordered plain natural unfortified leaves to smoke in a water pipe. This is a more powerful way of experiencing Salvia I've heard. I'll do that at night when I'm on the island in Maine this week and report back. Maybe I'll make this a blog!
    July 1
    Thanks Alex, I'll be careful. I should have a"sitter" with me if I smoke it I'm told. My spouse will be there and I'll smoke a tiny amount of leaves. I want to have a baseline to know how much to take in for putting me in a meditative state. Here's a link to a study on the effectiveness of Salvia for meditation http://www.maps.org/research/salvia/sdmeditation.html.
    And here http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showwiki.php?title=Salvia_divinorum. And here http://salviaspace.blogspot.com/2013/11/salvia-tricks-and-useful-meditations_21.html.
    Weed is good for arousing me, it always has been. And it is good for focussing my mind on whatever grabs my attention. I'm sure I'll try it with aneros at some point but I don't have a source right now.
    Salvia is supposed to be as safe as alcohol if you are careful and take precautions. I'm moving my comments to a blog because I've already hijacked this discussion and don't want to distract from it. Weed is wonderful too if it isn't abused but I found that I was using it too much in the past and it was unfocussing my mind Not for nothing did my friends call me "acidhead" in college.
    July 2
    Note to myself; don't swallow Salvia.  I got a upset stomach from swallowing a few pieces of leaves. Not much effect from chewing it last night so I decided to try vaping it.
    I vaped a small amount of fortified Salvia mixed with damiana to dilute the effect.  I just inhaled 1 toke from the vaporizer ant immediately felt the heat like I do with chewing the leaved.  This was much quicker and very relaxing.  My mind was clear and focused, good for meditating with a aneros. Unfortunately my stomach was feeling worse and the effects from vaping wore off quickly. I'll try again tomorrow.
    July 3
    My stomach felt better today so I decided to try vaping Salvia again. I wanted to try my handblown little waterpipe for the first time but it was pouring rain so I couldn't smoke on the deck. So I turned off the lights, filled my small vaporizer with the Saliva Divinorum – Damiana mix,  and inhaled deeply and held it. The effect was quick but mild, warmth and energy coursing through me. It plateaus quickly, 5 minutes,  so I vaped some more. I did the circular breathing, rotating my attention around my spine and down my chakras, which moved the Salvia palpably with my attention. I sent the Salvia to my perineum area with my attention and could feel intense pleasure there. I was watching porn at the time to amp up my arousal and riding my eupho syn.
    I found I could concentrate relaxedly on the sensations from my prostate area more easily with my Salvia ally than without. I had internal orgasms but nothing I would call a super orgasm. I'll try the waterpipe tonight if it stops raining. 
    July 9
    Well it rained all weekend in Maine so I didn't smoke anything. When I got home I measured the temperature of my little vaporizer with a thermister and found it was not hot enough to vaporize Salvia. It has to be around 500 degrees! So back to the waterpipe at home. I pulverized a single leaf of fortified Salvia Divinorum with a mortar and pestle, filled the bowl of my blown glass waterpipe and held a lighter flame over the bowl. Smoking Salvia requires a very hot flame. I inhaled 3 deep tokes, held for 30 seconds, and all within 2 minutes as recommended. I was in the stairwell of my condo so I didn't stink up the house. With the first inhalation I quickly got the warm rush I was familiar with from chewing it and felt very high. It was different from a pot high but just as intense. I didn't try to stand up. I waited until it wore off enough to get moving. I think I'll wait for the plain unfortified leaves to smoke next time.
    Jult 14
    My supplier is out of the plain unfortified Salvia leaves so I decided to smoke the fortified Salvia again. This time I had the distinct brief feeling of being out of my body! It scared and amazed me. Fortunately it was over quickly either because of my fear or the short-lived nature of a Salvia high. I wanted to have a "proof of concept" Salvia experience like the shamans have and this was it. My setting was not ideal being in the condo stairwell again. I'll have to return to Maine for the peaceful safety that I need. Until then I'll be chewing the leaves occasionally. I'll have to find another Salvia distributor.
    July 24 Well I went back to Maine and wound up staying a week to think and meditate and smoke Salvia of course. I sat on the steps to the deck at night when dark. Just trees around me and fireflies. I lit up the little glass waterpipe and took a deep toke and held it for 20 seconds. By the time I exhaled I noticed something was different again. I start to rub my nipples and get hard. I edge a little and it feels great. I'm not riding. My body feels strange, like someone else's body but I can somehow feel what they are feeling, very strongly. Then I realize I've been here before. I'm remembering a past experience while living the present one. I did not know whether I was in the past or present or both at once!
    I knew now not to try to move while intoxicated because I was not fully connected to my body. I would try to move my hand and it would not respond in the usual way. When I came down 15 minutes later I went inside and rode a aneros device. It felt different. I was still aroused from the experience on the deck. No super orgasms though.
    Another night I decided to smoke indoors. I'm edging and watching porn. Same as last time. The strong deja vu feeling,the out of body experience. But this time I notice that one of the guys in the porn vid is looking at me! He's not talking, just smiling and making eye contact in a friendly sexy way. I knew I was watching a vid on my laptop and the room was the same but he was looking out of the screen at me like he was on the other side of a window! I was a little scared but he reassured me somehow.
    I had come to Maine to explore why I have a constant fear underlying everything I do. I'm aware of it when I let my teeth chatter involuntarily whenever I "relax". I've just noticed this recently but know that I've been this way all my life. I made an outline of my fears, what the causes might be, and what helped me to lessen the fear. Sexual encounters was one of the occasions when I become afraid.
    Aug 2 I'm in Maine again by myself. I bought a Blunt vape on Ebay but it doesn't work LOL. And I got the straight dry Salvia leaves for a milder experience. I light up a bolus in the small glass waterpipe and inhale deeply. Same induction experience, everything seems unchanged yet somehow changed. I've been massaging my nipples and feeling aroused. My body feels better than usual like someone else is massaging my nipples. I start to edge and circulate the sexual energy to my prostate and cock. Again it feels like someone else is stroking me. I watch some porn video. Each thing brings me closer to the PONR. So I stop edging and take my hand off my cock. It still feels so good I don't want to stop but to approach the PONR slowly. So I contact my PC and BC and anal muscles while stretching out and curling my toes. Somehow I know that this is the way over the PONR. A sensation of electricity shoots from my feet to my cock and up to my head. I have the first hands free wet orgasm since I was a teenager. I'm filled with sexual energy now even though the refractory period begins.

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      I really enjoyed reading your travelogue from last summer describing your ingesting hallucinogenic drugs with Aneros, euphemistic! Hot! :-]}

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