• Another phenomenal session

    I had a 3 hour anerosless session this morning. I started in bed about 6:30am. I focused my mind on my prostate and was able to get things going without any contractions. It took less time to do this than the last. After about 2 hours in bed, I decided to go to the computer and look at some porn. I finished about 9:30 because I had to go to work.
    Several interesting points:
    -During my time in bed, I had several dry-o's. One of them resulted in a very hard, throbbing erection. This was very unusual for me since I never get fully erect with any of my prostate play (with or without an aneros).
    -While watching the porn, the level of excitement increased but I never got close to a full erection. I don't really know what this means though.
    -I found that I was, for the most part, able to control whether I got contractions or not. If I didn't want them to happen, I could prevent them by focusing my mind.
    -During the whole session, it felt like I was putting enery/pleasure into my prostate (or at least this was how I visualized what was happening). If I wanted it to come out as contractions, it would. If I prevented this, the energy would come out elsewhere. For example, when there were no contractions, my entire body seemed to "fill up" and buzz all over. I also was more inclined to get an erection (the full one I mentioned above was when I was preventing contractions). When I allowed contractions, the pleasure was definitely different…not less…just different.
    -On several occasions I was able to hold myself in a state of euphoria for close to 10 minutes at a time. No contractions, no building pleasure, no drooping pleasure…just in a sort of equilibrium. It was glorious.
    The after effects of this session are still happening. As I type this, I'm getting p-waves. Earlier today, I was able to have a mini-o in the time it took a traffic light to change from red to green.
    The other interesting thing that's happening is that, after my sessions, I feel less and less like I need to masturbate to ejaculation. I guess this means my rewiriing is progressing.

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