• Another mild mini-O

    So last night I had an Aneros session. I started with the Progasm which felt great, then used my Feeldoe More for a while, then back to the Progasm. It was this last time with the Progasm that I eventually had a single mini-O. Stronger than the ones I had almost a month ago. It was very odd in the sense it was a pleasant surprise, and I just have not figured out any particular reason as to why they occur sometimes and not others. Anyways, so my Progasm was just ever so pleasantly pulsing in and out of me via my involuntary anal contractions. And I'm focusing on the amazing sensations and also only stimulating my nipples half as much as usual, and then I notice that something relaxes and let's go in me and the lovely orgasm bursts over the top in bursts of joyful pleasure. Wow! I so love it when this happens. It is so dream like yet highly pleasurable. This time though it was not satisfying right after, it felt just a bit too short and not intense enough. So I tried for another and just couldn't make it happen. Ah well… Another time. :(

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