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    Some of you may have heard about the Cameloparalids. That was the new meteor shower that was predicted for early Saturday morning, last. In the end it fizzled, but I decided to combine my love of amateur astronomy and an Aneros session, to good effect. Where I am, the predicted maximum was going to be after sunrise, so I decided to go up on our rooftop porch about 2 hours before dawn and "see what I could see". As is often the case here, clouds tend to roll in over night, and Saturday morning was no exception, but they kept to the horizons and left the expected center of the show )around the pole star( clear. The weather was very pleasant and I inserted my Helix Syn and went up to the roof in loose fitting PJ's and lay on a reclining chaise lounge. I covered myself over and pulled down the pants and began to watch the show. About 30 minutes into my observations, I saw a bright meteor coming from the expected place and it had a short path, meaning that it was nearly heading "for me". This, BTW, is not a concern in a meteor shower, because the particles are basically microscopic and always burn up in the atmosphere )that's what a meteor is( about 50-80 miles up. Anyhow, as I waited for more )it took another hour!(, I began to concentrate on my device. I have a method which is mostly doing nothing, but in a special way. It's kind of like I think of the device moving inside. I don't know if it is really moving or not )when I've felt down there, I can barely feel any motion(, but inside, it really feels strong. Occasionally, I would mentally draw the device upwards and then relax. The involuntaries began about 25 minutes into my session and three times I found myself brought to body rigidity as a wave of pleasure passed over me. All the time, I was watching the skies )and really disappointed(. As the sky began to brighten in the east and I saw the crescent moon and blazing Venus, I felt my Aneros pleasure waves also weakening. I finished my Astro/Aneros session watching the bright stars Vega and Deneb slowly fade. At some point, I know that I had dozed off, because when I awoke, the sky was entirely cleared of the clouds that limited the view at the beginning. I guess that I was drawn to doing this combined session because my first really positive Aneros session )lots of P waves and several Dry O's( occurred when I did the same thing while watching the December, 2012 Geminid shower )a reliable and beautiful meteor display, even in my light polluted neighborhood(. So there you have it: Backyard Astronomy combined with Aneros experience. Anyone else "done it" outside?

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      01/02/2015at1:21 pm

      Yes, I always bring my entire collection with me on road trips. This past summer, we would spend time together under the stars or relaxing by a secluded stream. The sound of a babbling brook intensifies my body's internal vibrations. I will lay on my recliner, cover, pull down my suit and insert. Usually my progasm because he likes to take charge of me. I've had some pretty intense solo sessions in the wild.

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