• Aneros Tempo : the nipple diddling and prostate connection : Friday July 27 session

    Hi guys,

    This morning I had a really wild session with Tempo, Progasm Classic, and Maximus, perhaps one of my best Aneros sessions ever!

    I began the session with Tempo which I have not ridden in a month or so. This morning I noticed that Tempo related very well with my nipples. Diddling of course revs up not only my prostate but also the autofuck action of my Aneros tools. Tempo is a unisexual Aneros which tones your anal musculature. However, this morning Tempo seemed to shadow every flick or strum of my finger tips on my nipples. In no time, Tempo began a determined auto-fuck rhythm which produced waves of exquisite pleasure. Suddenly Tempo caused me to have a Super-O that must have lasted a good three minutes. Tempo caused me to raise my hips off my towel as I rode this sustained Super-O.

    I must have rode Tempo a good twenty minutes as Tempo auto-fucked me exquisitely in various rhythms. I used Kegels sparingly during this time. Wow, Tempo has opened a new, exciting chapter in my Aneros journey which I must explore!

    The auto-fuck action continued with Progasm Classic and then finally Maximus as I too experienced new, sweet pleasures with these two models.

    The session concluded at 7:10 a.m., a good seventy-five minutes. Take care!

    Update in the 7 p.m. hour. All day since 7:10 a.m., I have had powerful, sweet, and sustained auto-fuck Aless which at times felt very delicious.

    Further update in reflection, Wednesday August 1 at 6 p.m.:

    Since last Friday, I have enjoyed immensely Tempo in all my recent sessions. I believe that I achieved another milestone in my long Aneros journey. I can now have Super-O’s on demand during times of Aless anytime of the day if I choose. There is a definite connection between my nipple diddling and my genitalia, specifically my prostate, anal tract and surrounding musculature, and my perineum. I find now that the slightest nipple stimulation sends me into orbit with Super-O’s and MMO’s of the sweetest sort.

    However, I have found that in my current falling love with Tempo, Tempo can be addictive. So now I have exercise that greatest discretion in my use of Tempo.

    This morning I chose to not have a session. However, I spent nearly three hours interacting with my Aless through diddling and Kegeling. I found myself having one Super-O after another!


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      08/04/2018at12:09 am

      @BigGlansDC, congratulations on achieving your best Aneros session ever! I’m glad we are enjoying the great pleasures from our prostate and I’m also sorry that this phenomenon is not widely known to other men.

      Good vibes to you.


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