• Aneros subtlety and the Kegels : daily sessions, 8/30-31 & 9/1-2

    Hi guys,
    I had daily Aneros sessions for August 30 to September 2, early this morning. That means for this week I had sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, five sessions!
    Four of them were Aneros full court sessions using Eupho Classic, MGX, Helix Classic, Maximus, and Progasm ICE. They were great sessions. I throw in a fairly brief session early Thursday afternoon, using MGX and Progasm ICE. It was an OK session, actually to satisfy a craving for Aneros!
    This morning’s session was particularly special. It was nearly a year ago that I began achieving with facility Super-O’s and MMO’s in my sessions. For some months after that milestone, I let go and relaxed in my sessions and focused on subtlety in my sessions. I let my Aneros massagers do their job on me with hardly any intervention from me. Then from early January this year till April, I was away from my sessions. Ten weeks were spent recovering from hip surgery and learning to walk again in rehab. A further month was required for resuming my independent lifestyle in my apartment before I resumed my Aneros sessions in mid April.
    At the rehab hospital was a gym where my rehabilitation to took place along with lots of weight training. Once again I learned that my leg and arm muscles were meant to be used. That was my first lesson. The second lesson, I “learned” was actually my rediscovery of my erogenous zones, specifically my nipples. This happened at night when I had some privacy. I began to experience the delight of the power found in delicate stimulation of my nipples. The term “diddling” referring to such stimulation came out of nowhere. Diddling became coupled with my renascent masturbation sessions which I did seldom at this hospital. I did not want to be found out!
    Yesterday morning, and especially, this morning, I took time to enjoy my five Aneros models. My body craved these models. This bodily hunger of mine for Aneros found satisfaction in Aneros subtlety. Yet with all five models, I added various sets of Kegels and Reversed Kegels. Once again I discovered that I have anal musculature and sphincters that must be exercised.
    However, in Aless as I have been doing off and on today, I have been performing the Kegels. It is all sublime! I can’t wait for my next session early Monday morning next week on Labor Day! Take care!
    P.S. It is now Saturday evening. I had my Aneros full court press session a good fourteen hours ago. My well exercised and anal musculature are still throbbing so deliciously and sweetly in Aless. Ever so often throughout the day today I have performed all sorts of Kegels and Reversed Kegels in isolated clutches varying strengths and in sets. This revs up the sexual energy in my genitals. It is so sweet! It is also so wonderful to diddle my nipples while Kegeling. I can produce Super-O’s and MMO’s if I wish. I look forward toward doing in bed in a while unhindered!

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