• Aneros sessions for Tuesday and Wednesday, December 13 & 14 : Feels so good!

    Hi guys,
    Last night I scheduled an Aneros session in the 10 o’clock hour, but horniness for my Aneros buddies got the better of me. So I rescheduled it in the 7 o’clock hour P.M. I used my usual Aneros models in the following order: MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. I believe that I was away from my sessions for two weeks. Last week, I had a bad cold which caused me to suspend sessions until the cold abated.
    The session went well enough. But it seemed that there are was some noise from a nearby tenant which distracted me from concentrating on the session. This distraction also robbed me of the leisure for enjoying my Aneros models more fully, especially the Maximus and Progasm Classic. Likewise the MGX. Each Aneros model has a distinctive shape and feel which is irresistible. The session lasted about 45 minutes. However I was rewarded with a “revived” Aless of old! Also I must say that after five plus years of Aneros sessions, the Aless is always there. It may be hidden in the background. But I can summon back through the Kegels, meditative breathing, stimulating my nips, even thinking about the Aneros and what it does for me, etc.
    Also I slept overnight with my “revived” Aless which caused me to have a quickie session of only 30 minutes. I used Helix Classic and Progasm ICE. I had wanted to use Maximus too! Maximus has a combination of slenderness, thickness, and length which gives it penetrative power. I laid Maximus aside this morning.
    I had a great ride with Helix Classic this morning, but an even better ride with Progasm ICE which produced such sweet, pleasure. They are great models, and I should use them more often.
    I spent many hours away doing volunteer work at a church library today. It is always lovely to have Aless ever there as a consoling, masculine presence. Take care.


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      12/15/2016at12:19 am

      @BigGlansDC, I hope your session was a good one after a two week absence.

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      12/15/2016at12:56 am

      @GGringo, I seldom have dud sessions now. Some may be lackluster and routine, but most of them produce irresistible, vibrant Aless. When a guy has used the various Aneros models as I have over the years, I am ever amazed that each Aneros model has a distinctive feel which makes me horny when I think about it. Also I believe that there is a symbiotic relationship between Aneros sessions and Aless. I need the Aneros to prime the pump of vibrant Aless!

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      12/15/2016at2:09 pm

      @BigGlansDC soon I will be able to grab the pebbles from your quick hand Master!

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