• Aneros sessions for June 8 and 10, Mindful Anerosing, etc.

    Hi guys,
    I had a pleasurable time this past Thursday and again this morning, Saturday in my sessions with MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. These days I am focusing upon mindful Anerosing. Mindfulness meditation focuses upon the present moment, accepting what is presented to you presently in meditation. Mindfulness enables me to relax and allows me to enjoy the movement of MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic within me. When I am mindful, I focus upon the Aneros sensation in many dimensions. Thus, after sessions, I have Aless pleasure during which I luxuriate in mindfulness.
    Some years ago I attended a mindfulness meditation group which met at a Methodist church a mile away. But I rediscovered mindfulness during my rehabilitation at a recovery center earlier this year. Since my release from that facility on March 17, I have put mindfulness in my continuing recovery here at the apartment and my walks with the cane outdoors in my neighborhood. I focus upon my walking along with my surroundings, especially when I walk in the presence of other pedestrians and the omnipresent, all to often aggressive DC motor traffic! Thus I avoid falls and accidents with traffic!
    The recovery center in a way was a bedlam with TV’s blaring away many hours a day and patients suffering in far worse shape than me. But living at the recovery center for nine weeks was like being in a bubble during the beginning weeks of the Trump administration. Now that I am at home fully recovered, I experience the insanity of present-day American politics. As an American citizen, I have to keep up with the news. But with mindfulness, I can detach from this madness every day.
    I have written this section with @GGringo in mind, my good buddy who lives in Canada.
    Now a word with my good buddy, @goldenboy, about jockstraps and athletic cups. Those two items, so essential for the genital comfort and protection of male athletes over the years, was a quintessentially American phenomenon with the invention of such in the latter 19th and early 20th centuries. The BIKE Athletic Company which produced jocks and cups for millions of athletes over the decades became a subsidiary of Russell Athletic in 2003. Last year in 2016, Russell Athletic discontinued the manufacture of BIKE jocks and cups. It was a sad day for many who grew up with BIKE! However there has been a diversification of companies worldwide since the 1970’s of jocks and cups for serious athletes and ordinary guys wearing them for comfort and support as well as sexual fetishists of such.
    And finally for @TekWiz on experiencing pleasure at the base of the penis during Aneros sessions. I discovered this at the recovery facility in early February with the resurgence of my libido through persistent erections at night leading me to masturbate again. I hadn’t any Aneros sessions for five weeks. So during those long nights, when everybody was asleep, I would dress my cock with short lengths of toilet paper (six to ten inches). I would feel pleasure at the base of my cock and experience somewhat I had missed from my Aneros sessions. Now that I am home again, fully recovered, this pleasure is greatly magnified once again in my Aneros sessions and Aless! I feel so glad to have this pleasure as a man in my prostate, anal musculature, and my whole penis from my testicles and cock root all the way up my penile shaft to my GLANS!
    Take care!

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      06/11/2017at10:33 am

      @BigGlansDC It is so refreshing to see you are recovering well. I always enjoy engaging with your blog posts. As you noted, I have developed an intense fascination with jockstraps and cups. They seem to mesh well with my chastity play. I love the feeling and the fact that I can’t play around at all when I am confined in a cup! Strange, but it is a great turn-on! Hard to describe the feeling but I’m sure you know what it is! Enjoy this great, finally hot, weather!

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