• Aneros sessions December 20 & 21 : Kegeling and Aless while wearing a cup

    Hi guys,
    I have two enduring sexual fetishes over the years. My first has been my fetish for jockstraps and athletic cups which began in a big way in puberty. My second in recent years has been the Aneros.
    This morning I am composing this blog entry while wearing my Champion jock and cup which is manufactured in Taiwan. I have been wearing this cup/jock combo post session for a couple hours Kegeling in it and experiencing sweet, powerful Aless!
    A healthy sexual fetish adds spice to one’s masturbatory activity or sex with a partner. Masturbation and sexual intercourse serve their purpose in life and satisfy sexual hungers and urges. The same thing can be said of sexual fetishes. They need not be addictive.
    Yesterday morning, I had a fairly routine session which lasted 45 minutes with my usual Aneros buddies, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. I came away with sweet Aless which lasted the rest of the day.
    Earlier this morning in the 4 o’clock hour, I had another Aneros urge. This time it was for Eupho Classic and Progasm ICE which lasted about 30 minutes. I enjoyed Eupho Classic for its decisive slenderness and penetrative ability and Progasm ICE for its sleek and bulky thickness. These two models activated my Aless into high gear.
    After the session, I bathed and shaved, and then donned the Champion jock and cup underneath my jeans before getting my light breakfast from my neighborhood 7 Eleven. The Champion athletic cup while it doesn’t have extensive ball room, it does have a thick gasket which adds to the comfort of the Champion jock/cup combo. Thus it is ideal for contact sports and also for walking. The genitalia and perineum received a great workout in my early morning errand just before dawn. This cup and jock enhances my Aless a great deal. Plus when I Kegel in it, I am rewarded with sweet surges of Aless.
    Take care!

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