• Aneros session while wearing a BIKE CUP no. 85 supporter unit! March 1 session

    Hi guys,
    This morning in the hour or so before sunrise, I decided to replicate those delicious feelings that I experienced yesterday morning wearing a jock and cup in an Aneros session for the first time. I was following @goldenboy’s lead in his wearing “chastity” cup at bed at night and during his Aneros sessions.
    Yesterday I wore a Champion Sports jock and cup. A Champion Sports athletic cup is not as roomy as the Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Flex Cup or Mueller Cup that @goldenboy prefers to wear. A Champion Sports cup doesn’t as much “ball room” as other contemporary cups, but it is contoured and it has a thick gasket which makes it so comfortable to wear. The Champion Sports jock and cup performed very well on my maiden voyage of Anerosing with a jock and cup.
    This morning I used a trusty BIKE CUP Supporter unit no. 85 that I have had since the mid 1980’s. The jock’s elasticity of its nylon polyester fabric has become a little stretchy. Hence it doesn’t give as much firm support now. I remedy that by wearing a brief or boxer brief over it.
    The BIKE CUP has the same contoured shape, dimensions and roominess as a Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Flex Cup. I love the feel of the BIKE CUP’s thick polyethylene gasket. The BIKE CUP is truly a banana cup!
    This morning I used in order the following: MGX, Maximus, Progasm ICE, and Tempo. The session lasted about 75 minutes. The leg straps of a typical jockstrap meet at the point where the perineum is located. Jockstraps when they were invented just after the U.S. Civil War in 1874 have the usual configuration of waistband, two leg straps, and jock pouch for the male genitals. The two leg straps joining at a guy’s perineum just below the base of his scrotum secure the jock pouch to contain and support his genitals, his “junk.”
    My preferred lube is extra virgin olive oil. While oily, I use very little of it in sessions, bu certainly on my Aneros tools. All four models with their P-tabs or in the Progasm, its K-tab, insert and fit so well underneath my jock leg straps. Hence no lube got on my jockstrap which relieved me very much.
    The sensations engendered by this connection of jock, cup, and Aneros are still so new to me. My Aneros tools still worked well, but I had to use occasional Kegels and rhythmic breathing to give some force to this morning’s session.
    When I ended the session at 6:45 a.m., I was left with Aless that strong and powerful, but also new and unique. I have been savoring it while composing this blog entry. Take care!

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