• Aneros session, July 6 : ever deeper propelled by nipple diddling

    Hi guys,
    Yesterday morning early at sunrise I had a session with my favorite models, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic which lasted just under one hour. With two chair cushions under my butt, penetration angle for my Aneros models is more direct than ever before. The last month or so I have been aiming for more leisurely and relaxed sessions as I focus more and more their movement within my anal canal and massage motion around my prostate in a “hooking” fashion. I came away now from sessions with my anal musculature and prostate thoroughly exercised, massaged, or “fucked” which I find very pleasurable and satisfying. My sessions and Aless, I find, are more and more fueled and propelled by diddling my nipples and caressing my hairy pecs, abs, and thighs.
    Diddling and caressing myself have become major parts of my days now. I enjoy doing all this in bed at night and increasingly at isolated moments during my waking hours. It is so reassuring as I diddle my nipples and their surrounding aureoles to know and feel that my nipples are hardwired to my genitals, e.g. my prostate, cock root, cock shaft, glans, perineum, testicles, anal musculature, etc. Now the slightest sort of this stimulation is enough to send me into orbit.
    Yesterday I had hours of Aless that didn’t quit. Early this morning just past midnight, however, I was awakened by the blaring TV of the tenant below my apartment. I had Aless that wouldn’t quit which produced such sweetness that caused me to get relief in a masturbation session. I went back to bed, but woke up at dawn with Aless still continuing.

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