• Aneros MGX Shower Time

    I’ve been an Aneros MGX user for less than a week, but what a wonderful week it’s been! I’m taking celexa for anxiety and it caused me sensation loss both by myself or with my wife. The MGX solved that!! Anyway, I’ve found the shower to be my time. Allows me to clean myself and enjoy some private time. Start by squatting to insert, then slowly stand until that magic feeling starts. Not quite standing, not sitting, somewhere closer to standing. Then let my hips take over, small wiggles with my legs together. Everything melts away and I get lost in the sensation as wave after wave rolls through my body. Not sure how long I go, but I don’t want it to end. I’ve also noticed that a hard plastic chair with a slight curvature can set me off the next day without the MGX, talk about some strange looks at work!! An unexpected surprise that was!!! I bought a Vice after my first MGX experience, more on that another time, all I’ll say is WOW!!!!
    If you’re on the fence or think it will turn you gay or something like that, grow up and join those of us who are loving new sensations! I never understood how gay sex could be pleasurable, I get it now. Guess what, I still only want my wife and the only penis I want is my own! I’ve got nothing but envy for gay guys knowing this secret!! Open your mind and your buns my straight brothers!

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