• A*N*E*R*O*S is happening!

    I went for it again overnight as I was ready and knew I would get the most session time as needed. The wife dozed off and I lubed up. This time I went straight to the family room couch. I quickly went into a blissful session. My prostate swelled up and took the Syn for a ride. I really would like to add some expletives that are not appropriate in my blog especially if the lady reads this. But my goodness it is an awesome experience to pleasure oneself. I went further than the last 2 homerun sessions. I was hitting homeruns with men on base. Wow I am still now A-less riding the P-waves and having mini's since I left for work. I can not have imagined that my bottom owns my sexual being. I got back into bed as the early alarm went off. Now I want to leave work early and go home and have another rock my world session with my Aneros. There is more to come and I am the way. SoFunLoving

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