• Aneros Full Court Press with Kegels ; Kegeling in Athletic Cup in Aless, August 23

    Hi guys,
    I have had several sessions of late featuring an Aneros full court press with Kegels and Reverse Kegels. From my Aneros “first” team, I used in order the following, Eupho Classic, MGX, Helix Classic, Maximus, and Progasm Classic.
    Doing a set or two of Kegels and Reverse Kegels enable fully to enjoy these five Aneros models. It is always gratifying to experience pleasure and power building in my prostate, anal musculature, testicles, perineum, and penis.
    This afternoon around 3 p.m. my Champion Sports cup and jock. The cup has a slight banana shape and an soft gasket containing my scrotum and penis snugly, yet comfortably. I have been Kegeling in this cup supporter unit off and on since then.
    A thought occurred to me 30 minutes ago getting my supper from my neighborhood 7 Eleven three blocks from my apartment building. Baseball players and umpires wear protective cups for hours on end. So do law enforcement, military, even EMS. You know you’re wearing these essential items for support and protection even though you may “forget” it in the course of your day.
    Here is where Aneros meditation may enter in a very erotic, yet powerful and subtle way in Aless. During Aneros sessions, your prostate, perineum, anal musculature, and even your entire genitals have powerful contact with the Aneros. During Aless, sweet, yet powerful sexual energy emanates from your awakened prostate throughout your body, even consciousness. An athletic cup in a supporter holder or “pocket” magnifies greatly this sexual energy. Kegeling and Reverse Kegeling interacts with the jock and cup and magnifies this sexual energy even further. Yes, you may be wearing a “chastity” cup in Aless, but sexual energy through the Kegels and Reverse Kegels transcends “chastity.” It is all so sweet, particularly when you diddle your nipples!
    It is so wonderful to meditate even further upon men who play and officiate baseball and wear a jock and cup. Like law enforcement, military, and even EMS. They all return home to love the women (even men) they love!
    I am now 68 years old as I type this blog entry, but I feel rejuvenated and alive from my Aneros sessions and Kegeling while wearing a jock and cup!
    Take care!


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      08/24/2017at10:50 am

      @BigGlansDC You were writing about my morning session! While wearing my Mueller “chastity” cup overnight, I started with Kegels and Reverse Kegels this morning and started to “zone-out” in Aless. I believe I had at least 3 MMOs because I started to tense-up each time and couldn’t hold back whole-body convulsions and moaning. These were accompanied by strong erections as well (felt like I was headed for a wet dream).
      I did some research and discovered that indeed many armed services members now are being issued and are wearing “ballistic underwear” to prevent IED groin injuries which have been prevalent. And police departments are investing in “Nutshellz” bulletproof jock cups (watch video of inventor being shot while wearing the cup!) Yes, wearing a cup for hours is standard practice for many guys.

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      09/04/2017at11:14 pm

      @goldenboy, I enjoy reading and rereading your posts and replies. They are both entertaining and informative. I did look out the Nutshellz web site. They are innovative cups but real pricey. The same thing goes for the Nutty Buddy Ballistic cups for law enforcement and military by Mark Littell. See: http://www.nuttybuddyballistic.com/

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