• Aneros Full Court Press today, August 4, along utmost Aless

    Hi guys,
    Early this morning from 5 a.m. to around 6:30 a.m. I had one of my most powerful and pleasurable Aneros sessions.
    I worked with five of my Aneros models in this order: Eupho Classic, MGX, Helix Classic, and Progasm Classic. I call such a session an Aneros full court press. A full court press is a basketball term, not the term in politics one hears all too often these days in American media politics. A full court press in basketball is when your team has every corner and vantage covered so as to overwhelm the opposing team.
    I was really horned up for the session this morning. Goldenboy speaks of wearing an athletic cup and jockstrap to bed at night to prevent masturbation. He calls his athletic cup a chastity cup.
    For me, jockstraps and athletic cups are intensely erotic items. I have had a major jock and cup fetish going back to my pubescent and adolescent years when boys had wear them for sports and phys ed.
    My athletic cup of choice for the last decade or so has been the Nutty Buddy Cup invented by MLB great and baseball coach, Mark Littell. You can purchase the Nutty Buddy at Battle Sports or select sporting goods stores. There are also other awesome athletic cups manufactured by All-Star and Shock Doctor.
    Mark Littell suggests that you first put compression shorts or boxer briefs and then an ordinary jockstrap. Then you place the Nutty Buddy Cup in the jock pouch. The cup “floats” as you wear it in this combo. Last night I wore a Nutty Buddy Cup to bed with a pillow between my legs. I slumbered in bliss as I humped the pillow all the while diddling my nipples.
    I woke up horny and prepped for a session. This morning I spent quality time with each of my five Aneros models. In fact, I “communed” with them. I experienced several Super-O’s and even MMO’s during my session. This has kept up during my hours of Aless afterward.
    Finally I discovered some months ago that I can generate Super-O’s and MMO’s just by thinking about them or by diddling my nipples. But I enjoy having regular Aneros sessions to prime the pump.
    Take care!


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      08/04/2017at11:22 pm

      @BigGlansDC Thanks for the mention! Like you, I find that sleeping in a “chastity cup” is very erotic and often can lead me right into a session. I guess I have had a jockstrap fetish (didn’t know what it was called) way back since high school. Not being into contact sports, I didn’t discover “cups” until Aneros, SR and male chastity.

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      08/23/2017at7:19 pm

      @goldenboy, thank you for your response. For me, wearing a “chastity cup” is a misnomer because jocks and cups for me have been highly charged items since age 11 when I learned about them in Sears and Montgomery Ward mail order catalogs and discovered that our toy and hobby store in my hometown carried sporting goods, along with BIKE no. 10 jockstraps, swimmer jockstraps and jocks with cups. This was in the early 1960’s. I also read in an issue of Esquire Magazine then about football injuries and the equipment football players should wear for protection, among them a jock and cup, pictured in the article which made a BIG impression upon me. My mother picked up on this and didn’t approve! 🙂

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