• Aneros equilibrium, Aneros resonance, Aneros fishing, etc. : Session for Saturday June 9

    Hi guys,

    I had a thoroughly enjoyable session with my favorite Aneros models : Helix Classic, MGX, Maximus and Progasm ICE.

    For many months recently, I have tried to find out why my sessions have felt so good. I have settled upon some description Aneros terms:

    “Aneros foreplay”: Like @goldenboy, I enjoy wearing a jock and cup to bed most nights. Not only does this combination feel so good, but a jock and cup is so consoling. Like a pacifier, they enable me to fall asleep like a baby. When I wake up in the still of night, I like to Kegel in my jock and cup and diddle my nipples. It is so sweet and it constitutes hours of leisurely foreplay. When I wake up in the morning, I am horned, rearing to go with a session.

    Last night, I wore a Nutty Buddy Cup in the pouch of an ordinary BIKE jockstrap and over a pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch boxer briefs. My Nutty Buddy Cup “floats” in this combination.

    Here is a pic of MLB great, Mark Littell, creator of the Nutty Buddy. I hope you do not mind the kinkiness of this pic! 🙂


    I cannot stress though how the Kegel Exercises, diddling your nipples, and relaxed rhythmic breathing act as rocket fuel in your “Aneros foreplay”.

    After shaving and mildly washing up this morning, I proceeded to my session. But first, I had to wear a BIKE swimmers jockstrap as a base layer and then the Nutty Buddy in the pouch of ordinary BIKE jockstrap over it. This combo gives me free access to my Aneros devices.

    I have noticed that when I insert an Aneros model, I quickly settle into an “Aneros equilibrium”. Not only is the Aneros device inserted, but it rests comfortably in the anal tract upon my prostate. But pleasure quickly builds through my relaxed rhythmic breathing and gentle Kegels which cause me to achieve “Aneros resonance”. This resonance is caused when my Aneros devices embrace and hug my prostate and exercise my anal musculature and perineum. This resonance is suffused with the luminous energy of P-waves and mini O’s surrounding my “excited” prostate.

    Thus I am set up and ready for what I call “Aneros fishing”. I have found that my “Aneros resonance” often in my session produces “tickles” which I try to zero in. This “tickle feeling” is irresistible and constitutes the essence of my Aneros resonance. I have entered my “Aneros zone” which may culminate into a Super-O. In most of my Aneros sessions of late, I have experience a Super-O. My Super-O’s may last at most three seconds. But recently I have attempted to lengthen the duration of my Super-O’s and also to develop MMO’s capability. This is not easy, but it is certainly worth it. I am not all frustrated because these repeated attempts produce lots of pleasure!

    My session ended at 6:30 a.m. after a duration of an hour and fifteen minutes. After cleaning up, I donned a Champion Sports jock and cup. This athletic cup is also contoured and has a rather thick gasket and perimeter. I am composing this blog entry in sweet Aless while diddling and Kegeling. Wow! Take care!

    P.S. at 11:37 a.m. Still wearing my Champion Sports jock and cup and reveling in a most beautiful Aless! I had to put my Aneros terms in quotation marks. To view the kinky pic of MLB great Mark Little, just copy and paste www.nuttybuddy.com in your browser.

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