• Aneros Classic all the way! ; Free, easy, and deep! : Aneros session for October 21

    Hi guys,
    I had to run an errand in my neighborhood early this morning. My walk back to my errand awakened in me an ache and horniness for the Aneros! But I wanted to delay my Aneros session until late this afternoon and just let my Aneros horniness build.
    Finally I had my session in the noon hour today with just four models in this order: Helix Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. Thus it was Aneros Classic all the way in a session which lasted about an hour or more. I hadn’t used Progasm Classic in more than a month. I wanted to concentrate on his sleeker, younger brother, Progasm ICE.
    What impressed me about this session was that these four models performed in a free and easy manner, but deeper than ever before, or so it seemed. I hardly had to do any Kegeling. I let them massage my anal musculature and prostate of their accord naturally and rhythmically. Each model seemed to reach around my prostate. They went really deep today.
    I get really horny just thinking about this session. Progasm Classic is just as adorable as Progasm ICE. I just love how both these models operate on me.
    On way to savor a really good Aneros session is to Kegel in the hours of Aless following. That is what I am doing right now. It is so sweet and powerful!
    Take care.

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