• And away…we go!

    Ready…got a clean butt…tube of astroglide, peridise. Video of lovers later porn 100 ready to roll. Excited…maybe a half erection and a tingle in my groin.
    generously. inserting.slowly…head in slipping out … in now ooohhh. interesting, sucked in now. now to porn and relax,
    5 min…hips starting to roll,
    5 min sponyanioss contractions . forget the porn im inti iy.
    Holy shit! The handle went up me!
    Got it out.
    Getting back into it now…
    Escalating minis in waves,,,
    semi erect
    getting some prostate ,, panting,,
    over a peak. back to the porn 3:40
    sweet lovers..
    lost it in there again. nice peaks,,,going to small advanced. maybe the small bulb wont pull it in too far.
    subtle 4:12 woooowww
    peak 415
    supero with twitching peaking again on next wave this little guy will come out 420
    supero 4.28 another wave low rest…
    those two kids on the vid are so sweet and gentle.he slid it in so tentatively —–wave aaaahhhh!
    My peaks coming down on each wave. I really want to try to ejaculate now. Bet I can't but fun t
    trying. woo mini4.48
    back to the big beginner for this.
    totally soft…a little lube on glans and watch the loving kids get it on
    semihard 453
    Ejaculated with no fluid, but got the flood of sleepy-time happy hormones. Just had nothing to load the gun with when the valves opened. 5:07
    lessons for next time…not so much lube. hook a towel corner under the handles
    or tie a cord to them.
    Tried to practice sliding it with my muscles. got hot again. wet o for a few drops. 5:15
    another quick peak with a dry mini. 5:17
    I've had it … sated.

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