• An Addiction or Not?

    @BigGlansDC, in his blog hit the nail squarely on the head about being addicted or not to Aneros. For me, I am addicted, hooked, obsessed or whatever other adjective you want to use.  I wake up in the middle of the night, usually with an erection and I tend to forgo sleep to just turn the occasion into a mini Aless session.  I spend my day, while working on whatever I’m working on, doing Kegels or performing Aless sessions and that’s every day.  Three or four night a week, I engage in a full scale 2 hour Aneros session plus the occasional bate/edge practices.  What’s missing for a pure addiction? I see it as a desireable addiction, not one that is bad for me.
    No sense in denying it, what started as an exercise to improve my health below the belt has evolved into full time exercises to improve my mind, my mood and my sex.  It works!  I’m not at the Super-O stage and yet, I would not go back one step.
    The bottom line for me is that Aneros has filled a huge void I had in my sex life.  Blame it on male testosterone or male species of the human kind but what I discovered with the Aneros experiences has  been nothing short of pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  My only regret is far beyond my control; not having discovered it before age 61.  I plan to make up for it and I look forward to growing older, much older with an active sex life without refractory periods and energy drain.
    Life is wonderful!


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      11/05/2016at3:53 pm

      I salute you in your sheer determination to realize the best in your Aneros journey. What you just shared in your blog post what seems to be your daily regimen of Kegels and your working those exercises in your daily Aless! You also have a set schedule of Aneros session three or four times a day. You also keep up your masturbation and edging activities.
      I guarantee that soon you will achieve some major breakthroughs in your Aneros sessions such as Super-O’s or MMO’s which will propel you forth in greater vistas of Aneros pleasure!
      What you have is not an addiction. It’s a plan!

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      11/05/2016at8:59 pm

      @GGringo, Let me correct a statement in the first paragraph of my comment. It should read: “You also have set a schedule of Aneros sessions three or four times a week.”

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      11/06/2016at2:18 am

      Improving mind, mood and sex of male species of the human kind will lead us to world peace, that’s the plan! It’s more a mission than an addiction. Good vibes!

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