• Amazing Thursday session, October 27 followed by irrepressible Aless!

    Hi guys,
    These days I am enjoying my sessions more and more despite the arrival of genuine autumn cold. It is so good have heat from the radiators which facilitate my sessions now. When it is cold, I have my morning sessions when the boiler is running and churning out steam to our apartments during the 6-8 a.m. hours.
    This morning I had a session with Eupho Classic, MGX, and Progasm ICE which lasted about an hour or a little more. Eupho Classic inserted nicely to the hilt and gave me a very pleasurable ride as it danced along and around my prostate. MGX performed powerfully as it delivered a massage beyond compare. When you relax and let go, models like MGX ride in surprising away, delivered a host of strokes that will take your breath away. What amazes me about my Aneros models is that they take me on journeys over mountains, valleys, hills, and plains of pleasure! I am developing gradually in my sessions these days the control recommended in the Aneros Wiki and the now archived Aneros Directions for Use. The techniques are stop-and go, do-nothing, and tug-of-war which magnify Aneros pleasure when coupled with deep relaxation which is facilitated by slow, calm, rhythmic breathing.
    I really enjoyed my dalliance with Eupho Classic and my quality time with MGX today. But it was Progasm ICE which provided the icing on my Aneros cake. Once again I love his thick, full-bodied massage, and once again he did not slip out.
    Immediately after my session after I cleaned up and put everything away, I have had Aless today with one chairgasm after another and such pleasure that I could have creamed my pants, even now if I wish!
    Update 3:30 p.m.
    My Aless today has been so sweet and exquisite. It feels as though one of my Aneros is inserted right now and massaging away! When I Kegel, my Aless is revved out. Amazingly right now, it is so sweet that I am riding or surfing the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. Caressing my nipples and hairy chest through my Under Armor Cold Gear shirt also fuels my Aless. It is wonderful to feel a chairgasm coming on! I may keep this type of titillation or stimulation up until evening, and then have a bate session! 🙂


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      10/30/2016at4:39 pm

      @BigGlansDC soon, if all goes according to plan, I will acquire a MGX, a Eupho Classic and a Maximus. From what you describe, they would be good additions t my small collection of 2. This should broaden my experiences. Good write-up!

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      11/01/2016at7:05 pm

      @GGringo, Thank you! MGX, Eupho Classic, and Maximus are great Aneros models. You are going to enjoy them. I hope you can make your purchase of them soon!

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