• Amazing 24 hours

    It started early yesterday morning with about 2 hours of laying in bed, very relaxed. I'd call this a warm-up or "priming the pump". I spent most of the time in a very pleasant orgasmic state. Nothing too extreme but definitely erotic and orgasmic.
    I got up and spent another hour or so looking at porn. During this session, I had several pretty intense orgasms. They were typical for me during this kind of activity. All of them were focused in my groin and would start small and build. Some were accompanied by contractions, some were not. Compared to the early morning session, these were much more intense. While there was always a background of pleasure, there were many discrete and intense orgasms. I had to get my day started so I stopped. I didn't really want to though.
    Throughout the day, the after effects were amazing. My body seemed to be on constantly on the edge. I had several mini-sessions (10 minutes) while at work. Most of them were while at my desk (a little risky). One was in the bathroom (less risky).
    Around 9pm last night, I spent some more time looking at porn. My body responded instantly. I stopped short of pushing things and just used this time as another warm-up. I retired to my bed about 10pm. For the next two hours, I had the most amazing, varied, and intense session I can remember. After some initial build-up, I had about 15 minutes or so of involuntaries accompanied by what felt like one long medium-level orgasm. The intensity would spike occasionally. It felt amazing. This subsided and I took about a 2-3 minute break to recover. Once I started focusing again, I got a series of "exploding" orgasms. Others have referred to this as a balloon popping or a flower blooming. They started with a kernel of pleasure in the groin that built very quickly and exploded all over the body. For me, there were no contractions during the building part but contractions started when things exploded. I guess these are most similar to a traditional orgasm although they are much much more intense and last a lot longer (a couple of minutes in some cases). I had about 10-15 of these over the course of a 1/2 hour or so.
    At one point (I think towards the end of the above), I had one of these exploding orgasms stop just short of exploding. I've never felt this before. It started off similarly to the exploding ones; not exactly the same and enough different so that could tell it was not going to the same place. The pleasure built up, then just hovered. My whole body was paralyzed but entirely relaxed. I stayed in this state for several minutes (I think). It was extremely pleasant without being overwhelming. Unlike the other types of orgasms I get, this one didn't feel like it needed to go anywhere. It was happy to just hang out and exist.
    Finally, I decided I needed to stop and felt like ejaculating. As I stroked myself, the penis-focused feelings and the anerosless ones mingled. In fact, sometimes rubbing the head of my penis would create or amplify the feelings in my prostate area. It actually took quite a while to become completely erect and I had to consciously hold off ejaculation (I wanted to be completely hard for this). After about 15 minutes of this, I finally let myself ejaculate. It was a super-T like no other I have felt. I felt intense tingling and waves of pleasure all over my body.
    During all of these activities, I had regularly reoccurring sensations in my stomach, chest and throat. They were more discrete and focused than in the past. It usually started in my stomach and traveled in what felt like a channel from my belly button, up the center of my chest, and then poked at my throat. A few times when this happened, it stole my breath away. For an instant, I felt like I couldn't breathe. I kept my tongue on the roof of my mouth in case this energy needed somewhere to go. I honestly don't know if this made any difference or not.
    I'm a bit tired this morning from lack of sleep. I dozed some but I don't think I slept all that much. I had another pleasant "warm-up" session this morning in bed and am debating whether I should abstain today or not. I'm tempted to continue but we'll see.

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      08/29/2010at12:08 am

      Truly an "Amazing 24 Hours." I have had similar sessions. Especially love it when the orgasmic feeling lasts 10 to 15 minutes with spiked waves. Sometimes the "exploding" orgasms start with a feeling like little glow in near my prostate and quickly progress to a sharp convulsion and a whole body orgasm that often causes my body to arch like crazy. Thanks for sharing, dtmsmith.

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