• Aless and more

    Ok, lots more changes experiences in the last week or so. I have reached some kind of new level with my Aneros at this point. The orgasms…the portion that involves involuntary muscle twitching/spasming, I can now get at any time and even simulate.
    I can contract my muscles so fast and so controlled that it is similar to having an orgasm at any time )with or without the Aneros inside(. This always causes a feeling of pleasure, and I believe I am stimulating my prostate even without the Aneros inside anymore this way )mainly due to being able to basically cause ejaculation only with muscle control and very little direct stimulation at this point(.
    The best part is with the Aneros in though as you can literally target your prostate and stimulate it very quickly over a very long time. I progressed here through a variety of alternative positions. I started off on my belly thrusting down…this gives more of a bounce then from on the side, and allowed my bum to…twitch more, and have more freedom to move I guess. I think the largest factor though was just practice and having so many hours of involuntary twitching going on, I got used to continuing the twitching on myself in between orgasms )As the twitching is probably the easiest/best way to constantly stimulate the prostate that I have found, much better then kegels or thrusting(.
    Thrusting down with just your hips is I guess the first step, then you get more and more precise on the movement needed…moving only a few muscles..until it literally feels like your bum is vibrating.
    I hope I am describing that well. It is an amazing feeling…you get constant waves of pleasure and fairly constant orgasms doing it this way. Not sure if others have similar methods or not, but it is a whole different level of pleasure..and it lasts much longer then before I mastered this technique.
    I still, usually, finish with ejaculation because it's the best way to wind down and finish )Otherwise I would stay in a state of arousal and want to keep contracting/twitching etc…even if I took the Aneros out(. The final ejaculation also feels incredible…but for me the biggest advantage is it puts a direct end to the session and lets me go to sleep *lol*.
    All of my sessions now are 2+ hours….so I wait till before I am going to sleep at night )only time I have 2-3 hours of non-interupted time to enjoy myself(. This btw, is also great for losing weight, even with the more….focused…muscle contractions, 3+ hours of constantly vibrating has been helping me lose some weight that has been stuborn for years )down another 5 pounds from my last doctors visit(. I'm not very overweight..just have a bit of a gut that refuses to go away, so only about 30 pounds I need to lose…but it has not wanted to budge no matter what I do )exersize, no more sodas, cut back on pizza and bad foods etc(. The 3 hours a night of constant motion though…has been working wonders.
    I can…simulate…having the Aneros in my and it feels like my prostate is being simulated, just with muscle control at this point…anywhere..at any time. While I'm not sure if the prostate is really being contracted, it feels like it is, and seems to have the ability to induce ejaculation even if I am not able to at that point )sometimes in the morning I am hard when I wake up…..but can't cum even if I massage myself, but…vibrating my muscles and then giving firm hard contractions allows me to cum in that situation now.
    Not sure where my journey will go from here, or how much better it can get. I have been able to avoid orgasm and just feel constant waves of pleasure for quite a long time at this point, using relaxation and muscle contraction control only…which is also quite enjoyable. The whole thing is very addicting though and I could easily see it taking over somebodies life all together if they are not careful. Honestly, I stop after 3 hours because it's getting so late and I know I have too, not because I even want to stop at that point. Also, I'm a bit worried about over using my muscles or straining something, although that has at least so far not been a problem at all.

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