• Aless a day following the breakthrough & Saturday midday session: Wow!

    Hi guys,
    My Aless in the hours following my breakthroughs in achieving Super-O’s and MMO’s with Maximus and Progasm Classic continued strong with many peaks and valleys of intense, erotic sweetness. What impressed me most is that my Aless was transformed. It is now effortless and seems to float. There is greater elasticity from my perineum through my manhole and the musculature surrounding my prostate which vibrates and pulsates with pleasure! I think also that my PC is especially elastic, yet strong. There are also surges of sheer pleasure that come out of nowhere. I can summon these surges of pleasure through Kegels, strong and subtle, or just by thinking about anything relating to my sessions, Aless, Super-O’s, MMO’s, or my various Aneros tools.
    I slept well last night and finally rose for the day’s activities at 5:30 a.m. After bathing, shaving, and dressing, I set in my chair before my PC when it happened. I was “attacked” by a series of intense chairgasms! I had to go with them and just enjoy them.
    I had to run a couple errands in the heart of Georgetown from 8:45 to 10:00 a.m. It has gotten humid again. I sweated during my long walk back to the apartment. However, I noticed on my way back home that there are “electrical energy” of a sexual energy in my legs and feet! Amazing.
    Right now I am sitting bare-chested wearing an old pair of BIKE coaches shorts. I just how my caressing activates Aless, even intensifies it. It is so free and natural.
    I did receive a disappointment from a guy who frequents Aneros chat. He is in his early twenties and comes from a conservative Christian background. I have known him the last three-four years during which he was conflicted with Aneros and his Christian faith. Well, a year ago he purchased a MGX. I was trying to connect with him the last couple months and tell him how much I enjoy my MGX. He tells me that he threw his away recently. Tells me that it awakened in him intense sexual feelings which led to his fateful action!
    I go to a conservative Christian church here. Older man and women tend to be staid and straight laced when it comes to sexuality and sexual health. They would be horrified if they learned of my Aneros use. Little do they (mostly the men and even the women) know of its health benefits which may transform their general health!
    Shortly before noon, I couldn’t stand it anymore so I had a midday session with MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. All I can say is wow! But there is much, much more! It lasted about 1.5 hours.
    Ingredients for a good, solid, even successful session:
    I have found that, in my coming late in life to anal play at age 63 with Aneros, that my sessions began in a low key manner. However they are a reflection of my fidelity and tenacity to see my Aneros journey through. I found that the effects of Anerosing are cumulative. First your bunghole (perimeum, anus, anal canal and musculature) along with the prostate has to be educated. Along with this education is the process of Aneros rewiring which is ongoing, cumulative, and perhaps forever as one keeps up with the sessions. My bunghole and awakened prostate actually hungers for the Aneros, and so there is hardly a session I come to that I am expectant and eager. My latest breakthroughs are the ability to relax and to use the “do nothing approach” with my Aneros tools. Coupled with all this is for me to come to my sessions with no expectations. Each session even now is unique and has something to teach me.
    There is an expression that I believe is common to straight, gay, and bi partners, but could apply even to increasing intimacy among married partners possibly. It is “getting into you.” On the Internet, this refers to desire for intimacy through sex, “carnal knowledge.” In my case, with my recent breakthrough session, I am “getting into” my Aneros tools and they are getting into me!
    Such was my experience a few hours ago with MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. I experienced MGX today as I never experienced it before because it went to town on me. It seemed to hook around my prostate and continue its massage action. Like Maximus and Progasm Classic a day ago, MGX was a Energizer Bunny that wouldn’t give up in its ministrations on my prostate and anal canal. Also I felt its ribbed stem like ever before! It was truly “into me” literally!
    Also today I experience newer, more exciting facets of Maximus and Progasm Classic. I mean I really “felt” their dimension in a completely new way. Maximus also hooked around my prostate which I found exciting. Finally it seems that Program Classic and me were made for each other.
    So now the week is wrapped up for sessions, but Aless goes on, even through church time tomorrow!
    I may give updates if noteworthy until my next session Monday morning. Take care!

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      09/18/2016at12:26 am

      @BigGlansDC all I can say is WOW! I’m really happy for your major breakthroughs! I’m inspired to continue on my path so I can eventually reach your level and beyond. Reading your blog really describes what I can expect. I truly apreciate your support and encouragement.
      I can imagine what your friends at the Church would think if they knew. Unfortunately, it is not just the Church but the entire society we live in; prudish and not progressive. I wish I could share with some loved ones but… Thank the stars we discovered this pot of gold! Congratulations on your accomplishments; your positive attitude is half the battle.

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