• Afternoon Session

    Finally had the house to myself this afternoon, which meant one thing, a session with my favourite set of toys. After 5 days of abstaining from any sexual activity I was very turned on at the thought of a session. I took advantage of this, getting myself worked up and intensely aroused this morning, looking at erotic images and some of the blogs here.
    I pre-lubed with Shea butter, put a thin layer of Vaseline on the Helix and slowly inserted, taking time to tease my my anus with the helix first, it felt exquisite. Slowly I let the you penetrate me, savouring it sliding in.
    I lay on my side with my knees up, and straight away felt delightful pangs of pleasure radiate from my prostate, two weeks without a session have left my prostate constantly, desperately whispering to me for attention.
    My session began as usual with some meditative breathing, then eager to start, I began my first contractions, straight away the pleasure built, my cock swelled but was not fully erect, it would remain like this most of the session.
    I quickly felt that lovely sensation of the fist drop of pre-cum make its way up my urethra and out onto the tip of my cock, where it tempted me to play with it. I left it desperately wanting to see it drip and string off.
    Involuntaries began, as well as buzzing in my prostate. I tried to relax further, the pleasure and pressure began to build, my cock continuing to twitch.
    I changed positions, sitting up, with my legs bent, and ass hanging off the edge of the sofa. I felt the surge of more pre-cum, this time there was a good deal more than a drop. I sat here for awhile, before laying back down.
    Soon the p-waves began to build again at the excitment of the precum, but alas despite not trying to chase it I did not have any type of orgasm.
    As my arousal began to wane, I decided to end the session, but am planning on following up with an additional session tonight, to see where this takes me.

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