• afterimage

    I decided to wear my modified MGX to bed last night rather than the usual eupho syn to see what happens. I modified it to be more comfortable and was eager to try it out while I slept. So I lubed with aloe Vera and greased the MGX with silicon and inserted it. I got involved with chat which modulated the sensations since my attention was on other things. I finally got so tired I f went to sleep. I woke up during the night with mini orgasms which faded to calm seas, so I took it out and went back to sleep. When I awoke, I was back, or still, in the calm seas and became aware of my prostate, moving and pretending that the aneros was still inside. I got to actually feel the shape of the MGX massaging my prostate as if the aneros' afterimage was still inside me. The calm seas got less and less calm as I felt the shadow touching every part of my prostate. My prostate seemed to grow and fill me both with bulk and with pleasure. My penis said "hey, remember me" and seemed to grow up out of my prostate like a tree grows out of the earth. I balanced my attention between the penis pleasure and the prostate pleasure and just enjoyed whatever was going on. So when I got the pleasure in a manageable zone, I got up for the day and am still tingling from the afterimage of pleasure.

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