• Actively working with Aless : Tuesday evening, October 18 & two Super-T attempts

    Hi guys,
    @goldenboy has inspired me to work actively with my Aless this evening. I had a great session this morning with Maximus and Progasm which gave me incredible Aless throughout today.
    @goldenboy speaks much about nipple stimulation in his Aneros blog entries. It is a practice that a you can adopt easily when you begin working Aneros. The Aneros is a potent key which opens erotic pleasures throughout your body through prostate stimulation by an Aneros device. Nipple stimulation actually enhances your Aneros sessions which enable to discover powerfully your body’s erogenous zones. This has been experience in my five plus years with Aneros.
    Most guys discover erotic pleasure through direct stimulation of their genitals. Boys generally discover that their penises are dynamos of pleasure around age five. Hence many boys instinctively learn to masturbate at that age. While most boys achieve successful orgasm and ejaculation of semen during their adolescence, some achieve dry orgasms through masturbation at age nine or ten or even earlier. Hence boys derive sexual pleasure primarily through stimulation of their genitals. This sort of direct genital stimulation even continues when boys begin having sex with girls or other boys, even into their adulthood. However some males discover pleasure through stimulation of their erogenous zones, including stimulation of their nipples by themselves or through sexual relations with an understanding and loving partner. I didn’t discover the thrill of eroticism of stimulating my erogenous zones until I began working with Aneros five plus years ago.
    I began my Aneros sessions in early June 2012. Three weeks later I began experiencing my P-waves and several weeks later my chairgasms in Aless. The chairgasms came out of the blue. Soon afterward I began stimulating my nipples. It took many sessions for me to discover the thrill of such stimulation.
    @matt1008 is a long-time Aneros member whom I met on BateWorld in September 2011. He told me about the Kegel Exercises and the Aneros at that time. I began practicing the Kegels about that time and my Aneros sessions in early June 2012 with Helix Syn. The Kegels became part and parcel of my sessions when I began working with the larger models of Maximus and Progasm Classic and ICE in August and September 2012. Initially my sessions were arduous and exhausting. But when I began working Tempo in late November 2013, I began to be more adroit with all my Aneros models. When I achieved my goal of Super-O’s and MMO’s over a month ago on Friday September 16, my sessions have been largely effortless and less routine and perfunctory.
    @goldenboy has inspired me to stimulate my nipples both in sessions and Aless. Males have nipples surrounded by areolas. Stimulating areolas enhances and fuels the pleasure of stimulating one’s nipples. Most men tend to be hairy all over. Men have hairy chests and breasts which may cover their areolas and nipples. So I enjoy in caressing my chest and breasts, abs, thighs, and even ears which increases my erotic delight which also fuels the erotic delight when I stimulate my nipples and their surrounding areolas. Even a man’s nipple and areola resembles a bulls-eye which I have discovered is hardwired to my prostate and even to my scrotum and the whole length of my penis from its root to my GLANS! Doing of set of Kegels during such caressing and stimulation of my erogenous zones increases my erotic delight and often is a foreplay to the real thing of an Aneros session or masturbation. Likewise my Aless is enhanced by such activity. Kegels also rev up my Aless, whether it an occasional Kegel or a set of them. All this I did last evening and early this morning, my active working with Aless!
    So inspired or egged on by @GGringo, I again attempted a Super-T late last night. First I laid on my futon and masturbated maybe an hour while caressing my body. I must confess that I am much out of practice as a bater. So I guess every day for now on I should have a bating and edging session. I look upon such a practice as I do with my practice of the Kegels. Then I brought out my Helix Syn and tried for a Super-T with it. Unfortunately I didn’t get far on the Super-T because I was too tired, but I did have a decent ordinary session my Helix Syn which lasted about thirty minutes.
    I finally went to bed at 12:30 am this morning and slept to 5:30, waking up feeling horny. The thought of a Super-T attempt was too irresistible. So I had a session with MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE after masturbating for maybe thirty minutes as foreplay. The MGX this morning was not the Energizer Bunny as he had been. I rode him nonetheless and just had a good time with him. Maximus is definitely a possibility as a buddy in my Super-T attempts. He penetrates deep and “curls” around my prostate when I ride him. I get super horny right now when I think about Maximus. As always, I had a superb ride with Maximus this morning. The older version of the Aneros Directions for Use which @rumel put in Aneros archives describes a stop-and-go technique for riding Aneros. This technique is similar to the stop-and-go technique for long duration masturbation sessions very much experienced masturbators use is edging, i.e. riding or surfing the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. Both techniques are excellent for developing control in Aneros and masturbation sessions. For the Aneroser, you can achieve one Super-O after another, or different types of orgasms, or a series of MMO’s in a session, or even in Aless! So Maximus is my best buddy in such a pursuit. I hope to add MGX, Helix Classic, Progasm Classic and ICE as well. I didn’t achieve a Super-T this morning, but I will achieve Super-T’s in time, because Aneros documentation says that when you achieve orgasm and ejaculation masturbation with Aneros inserted, you orgasm and ejaculate powerfully and completely with a high volume of cum! This I want to experience very soon.
    This morning I was truly in the Aneros zone with Maximus. There was luminous sexual energy in my prostate and throughout the length of my penis. Wow!
    I ended this morning’s session with a ride with Progasm ICE which was one of the best times I have had with that model. Progasm ICE was an Energizer Bunny for a thrilling ten to fifteen minutes. But I was beginning to tire. I think this morning’s session was close to two hours long.
    Our Indian summer comes to an end tomorrow evening Thursday with rain. We have a rainy and cool Friday and a cold and blustery Saturday. I hope to work in two sessions at least as well as some bating sessions, etc. Take care!


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      10/19/2016at7:16 pm

      @BigGlansDC: What a great post and a nice nod! I have found lately that I am getting extreme pleasure from my edging/surfing sessions as I had from my Aneros sessions (which are now on hold). What I am doing lately is just letting my mind/body tell me what it wants from me sexually. It leads and I follow. It always seems to go in different directions, as my blogs will attest. I never seem to know what’s coming. But that’s what makes it so intriguing and satisfying and sexy! I am feeling great! As @GGringo always says, Life is Good!

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      10/19/2016at11:52 pm

      @BigGlansDC what a great post! You covered pretty well every aspect of your rewiring journey and this with clarity. Your experiences and progess are inspiring and Newbies should take note. It’s amazing how different and, at the same time, how simular all of our journeys are.
      As @goldenboy mentioned, life really is wonderful!

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      10/23/2016at12:42 am

      @goldenboy, If my apartment weren’t so cold these days, I too with engage my penis in edging/surfing sessions. Management has not turned on the heat yet. But I can engage with my Aless fully dressed though. Like you, my sessions have opened way up after I let go of expectations a couple months ago and allow myself to relax.
      @GGringo, I appreciate very much your encourage in my sessions. I am still learning a great deal thought.

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