• A singularly amazing orgasm

    Yesterday was an amazing day. I started in the morning with a half asleep session. I had another short one in the afternoon that yielded some very nice orgasms. Late in the evening, I decided to spend a couple of hours. When I started, my body reacted almost immediately (I was looking at some porn). For the most part, it was a typical but very intense session with many orgasms accompanied by PC and fluttering anal contractions. As usual, there would be a pretty constant background of pleasure with orgasms that would peak and take my breath away. However, I had one that was more intense than ever before. It was also different than the others. It's very hard to describe but I'll try.
    I guess I'd describe the other orgasms as something that happen *to* me. This "different" one was more like something that happened *with* me. In other words, when it peaked, I joined with it. It was less like a feeling and more like it was part of me. I settled into it and lost a teeny bit of the sense that I was separate from the orgasm. I'm not sure if this makes any sense and I'm also not sure if I'm even describing the feeling very well. I do know that it was unique and spectacular.

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