• A rose by any other name…….

    I had about 5-6 sessions since the incredible success I wrote about in my last blog post. For the most part, they were all enjoyable and I achieved quite a number of what I am calling "Super Os". Rather than go into details on any one of them, I'll simply summarize my thoughts regarding those sessions.
    -I'm at the point now where I know the 'path' to a Super O. Meaning, I know roughly what I need to do to achieve one. For me, it's finding a 'spot' )see my previous blog posts for what this means( and trying to hold it there as long as possible. That usually means adjusting the strength of my contraction to maintain the spot. If I am successful, I start to feel smaller orgasms, then eventually P-Waves. At that point, the P-Waves will continue for a while and I will eventually feel my entire pelvic area vibrate until finally the explosive orgasm hits. It doesn't always work out that way, but when it does, that path is pretty consistent.
    -While I had previously stated that I was going to shelve the Helix Syn for a while, I did take it out for one of my sessions. I had just finished the 3rd of 3 very good sessions the day before and I wanted to give my butt a bit of a break, so I decided to just use the much smaller Helix and simply play around with it for a bit. I had intended to just move it around for an hour or so and see what happens. Well, the session lasted over 2 hours and I was able to achieve a very strong prostate orgasm )certainly the strongest I have achieved without the vibrator turned on( as well as several milder ones. They definitely feel different than with the Vice…not as intense, but somehow equally as pleasurable. I had to contract very strongly to achieve them and probably would have experienced more if my muscles down there were a bit stronger. But it does give me hope that my goal of obtaining a Super-O without a vibrator is achievable. It also gets the Helix out of the doghouse and back into the rotation. 😀
    -My Super-Os usually feel like this. First, I feel a very pleasurable vibration in my butt that my mind interprets as needing to take a poop )disgusting I know, but that is really what it feels like, however brief(. About a second or so later, it subsides and my prostate absolutely explodes. Wanted to mention this as I move on to my next observation.
    -During my last two sessions )with the Vice( I've run into a problem where the Vice eventually works it's way out of my butt. It happened once in my earlier sessions, but not since. It usually doesn't happen until towards the end of the sessions )usually 90 min or so in( and it isn't always easy to push it back in. I'm not yet sure why it's happening, though I suspect my laying down position is slightly different than previously.
    During my most recent session, I started to have a Super O as I described above. I got the feeling that is similar to needing to poop……and nothing more. The prostate explosion never occurred. I reached down and, sure enough, the Vice had worked it's way partially out of my butt. It was clear to me that I was experiencing an anal orgasm. It was also then clear that what I have been calling a "Super O" was a near simultaneous anal and prostate orgasm. So that means one of two things…..I have just discovered the secret to what makes a "Super O" so super…or….it really isn't a Super O, just two simultaneous orgasms in different parts of the body. I'm kind of hoping it's the latter, as that means there is something even more pleasurable waiting for me. In the end, it doesn't really matter what I call it…it's insanely pleasurable and I'll take it every time if I can.
    -Having recently experienced my 'Super O', I now find myself trying harder to achieve it rather than just enjoying what comes. Fortunately, I AM usually able to achieve it eventually, but I don't think I'm enjoying the entire session as a whole because of it. During my next session )probably later today(, I am going to try to focus on simply enjoying what happens as opposed to trying to reach some goal. Probably easier said than done, but if I can succeed, I think I'll end up enjoying more of the session and still possibly achieve the 'Super O'.

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