• A rest stop adventure

    I wrote this a year ago with a series of 3 porn stories to use as aids to my arousal when riding. They were all remembrances of real events. Turns out they were fun to write! I didn't intend to post this here but by popular request )thank you @Neros( I am finally posting it. Enjoy…
    I heard about how sex goes on in the woods behind rest areas from friends. This was in the 80s when no one heard of AIDS or safe sex. I had just come out at 32 yo and had sex with a few men and liked it. My boy friend showed me a lot but I couldn't relax enough to let him fuck me. He was very gentle and considerate but couldn't penetrate my tight ass without me complaining of pain. I guess he gave up and we drifted apart. Not because of that but I had other issues, too needy, etc.
    So back to the rest area. I was feeling horny and scared driving into the suburban rest area off of US 84 in Connecticut. I had seen men entering and leaving the woods on a path many times before and taking too long to be just peeing. I had tried to imagine what went on there, Tom of Finland fed my imagination. It was summer and warm and the sun was shining. I watched several men go in while I sat in my car. No police in sight. Didn't see anyone resembling Tom's men either. Just ordinary men. I sat there for a while feeling queasy. I swallowed my pounding heart, emptied my mind as if I was just going to the woods to take a leak and shambled vacantly into…
    What? Trees and paths and men. Men alone and jerking themselves for all to see. Men together in 2s and 3s doing stuff to each other. Men with their pants down or their flies open. Men in a slow motion dance of ecstasy. Eyes closed or half open, moaning softly, the low rumble of aroused men. Most of all I noticed the wind and birds chirping. The woods were alive with men cumming and orgasming but they were so silent I could hear my own heavy breathing!
    I walked up to a couple who were making out, one sucking the other with their pants down. I was frozen with fear and lust. I tentatively opened my zipper and took out my semi-hard cock. I was in jeans and a tshirt, sneakers. Easy to take apart and put together. I didn't know what the protocol was, whether to wait for a invitation or just join in worshiping his cock. I decided on the latter. I knew if I waited too long I might chicken out. I felt like I was butting into another guy's territory. But I knelt down and the other guy and I shared the big guy's cock in turns, licking and sucking his balls or cock. I don't remember the other guy who was kneeling with me but at some point he left. Now I had my man's cock to myself. I was beginning to enter the sexual trance that the other men were in.
    Now the tall guy )maybe he seemed tall because I was kneeling( raised me up with his arms, turned me around and felt my ass hole. He was about 40, well built but thin, dark haired, very manly. He spit on his rough fingers and worked them into my tight hole. Having him touch me there, a stranger, no words, was so exciting I began to relax. I didn't want him to fuck me and hoped he would. Even if it hurt. He was so sure of what he wanted from me and how to get it I just let him do it. No thought. He just grabbed my waist and pushed his big cock into me before I knew it! It hurt a little going in but then felt so good I didn't mind at all. He was using me like a rag doll to get off and I loved it.
    He took my cock in one hand and held onto me tight around my chest the other. We were bareback so I felt his hot hard cock touch every inch of my insides. Over and over. He wasn't trying to hurt me but was rough like a man which I found out I loved. Between his spit and precum he felt smooth and slippery but filled me up too. I also felt his cock repeatedly touching something amazing in me that I never felt before! Well it was familiar, something dimly remembered from my childhood. A sweet spot deeply buried in me like a secret treasure. My ass felt full of his cock, stretched wide and sending shivers of warmth down my legs with each pump.
    Then when I was in a deep erotic trance he started pumping me harder, his balls slapping my ass, his strong arms squeezing my torso as if he had forgotten I was here. He breathed heavily into my ears with muffled moans, his stubble rubbing my neck like sandpaper, his musk and sweat and sex filling my nose. I'd lost all sense of where we were except for the random gasps of men's pleasure feeding my arousal.
    I knew when he was about to shoot his load into my ass, but I didn't know how great it felt until then. He felt like a large hybrid, part animal, part man, impregnating me with his hot seed. He shook helplessly and gave out a muffled grunt, then stopped and slowly swung his hips into mine so we must have been swaying in a erotic dance. Stream after stream of his wet cum hit my insides, faster and faster, until he gradually emptied himself in me.
    I loved it but it was over too soon. It all seemed to happen in slow motion but now I was gradually coming down to earth. I was in a world with lots of men quietly feeling orgasmic ecstasy with each other in the woods. It was a beautiful sight.
    My man bent down and briefly licked his cream dripping out of my ass. I was still leaking when he pulled up his pants and smiled and walked away. So there was nothing for me to do but pull up my pants and stagger dazed past the men in heat scattered around me to my car. I couldn't believe what just happened but the wet cum oozing into my pants confirmed that I'd been fucked by a man. I felt so happy and free. I was still semi-hard so I finished myself off in the car thinking about what happened. I was happy and content for days afterwards.
    I never saw him again of course and don't know who he is. Just another guy into sex with men. It doesn't matter to me. He opened up a whole new world inside me.
    I went back on another day but police were there watching so the hot spot went elsewhere.


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      04/06/2015at3:52 pm

      Some really hot "autobiographical" prose, euphemistic! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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      04/30/2017at3:18 pm

      Enjoyed it immensely !!

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