• A relish for the Aneros : Sessions for October 10. 12, and 14

    Hi guys,
    I had four sessions this week, all very good. My session for Monday October 9, Columbus Day, I have already recounted.
    In that session, I used my full complement of Aneros model, which I call my Aneros “Full Court Press”: Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, MGX, and Prograsm (either ICE or Classic).
    Tuesday and Thursday, I just used Helix Classic, MGX, and ICE.
    This morning once again I used my Aneros “Full Court Press.”
    There is a temptation to have an Aneros session every day if you wish. The Aneros feels so good that yes, you have a horniness or relish for one’s Aneros models, which I do now. However, I have found that there are diminishing returns in having daily sessions. It is similar to a regimen of weight training in a gym. I was warned when I worked out many years ago that lifting weights everyday may have an adverse effect on your body’s muscles in tearing them down instead of building them up. Lifting weights every other day allows the body to rest and recover. I have discovered that my Aneros sessions are more effective if I have them every other day. Actually I take Sundays off, but have sessions on the other days of the week. I use the Aneros so lovingly now because I need a continuing education of my prostate and anal musculature.
    I really enjoyed my sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. It is hard for me to say which Aneros model is my favorite, but I really enjoy Helix Classic, MGX, and ICE and can focus upon their best features for giving me abundant Aneros pleasure!
    Early this morning just before sunrise, Saturday, I really enjoyed my Aneros “Full Court Press!” I let my five Aneros models to work on me of their free accord, but also I Kegeled with my Aneros models a fair amount. Actually the Aneros was designed, it seems, for the Kegel Exercises. The Kegels in conjunction with the Aneros enhances exercising the prostate and the anal musculature. Powerful Aneros pleasure results which redounds to hours of Aless afterwards.
    It has been said that the Aneros serves as “tantric training wheels” for rewiring. I do not think that I can graduate from having Aneros sessions any time soon. They just feel so good! Plus I come to my sessions to have Aneros fun and pleasure. That is why I regularly schedule them throughout the week. They make my retirement bearable here in a period of awful politics here in the USA.
    I have a word of advice to Aneros beginners. Begin slowly your Aneros regimen. Follow closely any Aneros directions for use. Schedule for yourself a schedule of two or three sessions a week of say, 45 minutes a session. Enjoy. Have fun. Be patient. The Aneros will help you get in touch with your body. Gradually you will learn to relax which is important.
    Also establish a regimen of Kegel Exercises. Start off gradually though. The more you do the Kegel Exercises, the more pleasurable and powerful they become. I have found that the Kegels and the Aneros have a symbiotic relationship and were meant for each other. Also as you do the Kegels, you can do them any hour of the day unnoticed pretty much everywhere.
    I suggest that you get yourself a jockstrap and you wish also athletic cup. The jockstrap through its elasticity enhances the power and sweetness of the Kegels, even more so, if you wear an athletic cup. Shock Doctor makes great jocks and cups. You get that brand at Dick’s Sports and Baseball Express on the Internet. Also Epic Sports on the Net has a great selection too.
    Right now I am typing this blog entry right now attired in a pair cargo shorts and a long sleeve Under Armour shirt. Underneath I am wearing a Champion Sports jock and cup, and blissfully Kegeling away. Also while Kegeling, I am diddling my nipples and caressing my hairy chest through my shirt. Rewiring does that to you. I all feels real good.
    Take care!

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