• A Powerful Quicky

    Three days since my last session.

    No Douche, Lube up and insert MGX.

    Why this model? I don’t know, I find that my prostate chooses which model to use. I get a tingling sensation ‘down there’ when I’m selecting my ‘weapon-of-choice’ the decision making process is out on my hands!

    I lay back on the bed with a pillow under my hips and back and watch some soft-core porn, soon my mind wonders away from the porn and to the tickling sensation building in my groin. I normally practice the ‘do-nothing’ technique but in this instance I start some gentle contractions, the P-waves appear almost instantaneously, things are feeling great!

    About forty minuets in and I feel the first signs of a Super-O, an ache deep in my groin, a sense of overwhelming pleasure, than it hits me, an involuntary yawn and my body goes rigid with a powerful muscle spasm, I can feel the massager working my prostate, of which by now was glowing. My body then starts convulsing, my legs thrash around and my hips buck, I could feel what is coming and just go with it, I’m still bucking and twitching long after my HFWO, I lay there gasping for breath covered in my own cum savouring the felling of total and utter relaxation.

    This session was very different as I normally give myself plenty of time, I hate to feel rushed. A truly satisfying session albeit short but sweet.

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