• A note on my Aless Sessions

    This blog entry is more for my future reference than anything else. Sometime in the future, I will be revisiting these notes and reminiscing on my journey’s progress.
    Today, I must note how pleasurable my Aless sessions have become. It seems everyday (at least twice a day), my Aless sessions escalate to a new level sending me in total bliss but still without orgasms. I’m not shooting for an orgasm (no pun intended) but I do look forward to the pure pleasures a simple breath, a subtle contraction here and there and a bit of concentration can generate.
    At night, lying in bed, I can transpose myself in the ‘zone’ with ease and without efforts and remain there for as long as I wish. When I think about it, it’s much easier than penile play, less messy and less of a drain on my system.
    I never would have thought such pleasures were possible and abundant. I appreciate the gift Aneros gave me.
    Life is wonderful!


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      11/28/2017at4:54 pm

      @GGringo I have noticed that my Aless can be very pronounced or very subtle. If you listen for your prostate’s “whisper” you can hear it! It is a great feeling. You are correct that Aless is less of a drain on your system. I still enjoy my sessions to keep things “tuned-up”! Enjoy your post!

    • Avatar for BigGlansDC


      12/01/2017at2:22 am

      @GGringo, I congratulate you in the progress you have made in your Aneros sessions and reaching the sublime bliss you now experience in Aless, especially in bed at night! 🙂

    • Avatar for gdunn


      12/01/2017at8:28 am

      @GGringo my experience is very similar. Occasionally when i wake up during the night i have had some amazing aless orgasms. Full body. But even during the day aless is great. Hard to believe really.

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