• A new Synsation

    The last few days have been a bit of a blur, but they have been profound. My aneros use has bordered on addiction recently in anticipation of my recently ordered Syn.
    Sessions have varied in length and the models I used in them. However perhaps the biggest revelation was one presented to me by another member, who offered me some valuable insight on just letting my body go during sessions, cannot thank them enough.
    One notable session was with my helix on Sunday evening. This session was really great, and produced new feelings in my body. I let it envelope me, my body convulsed, and twitched, increasing my pleasure. Having my hips automatically buck got my hard cock really slapping against my stomach, this in itself was incredibly arousing. The amount of precum I had too was much more than usual too. Several times during this session I felt what I can only describe as an immense pressure on my prostate, it was a first for me but definitely really good. I think it's safe to say I'm on the right path.
    The Syn finally arrived on the Monday, it truly is an amazing looking toy. It feels great too. I allowed my self a very quick ride with it, as I was desperate to see what it felt like inside me. As it turns out that first session I found quite strange. It's material and more flexible p-tab didn't immediately feel fantastic. I vowed to try it out later.
    This evenings session was much more productive. I aroused myself with erotic chat on a different forum and got prepared. I immediately felt how great the syn was, moving the p-tab to hit my sweet spot. After some warm up contractions, I held some and immediately felt the soft silicone of the syn stroking my prostate. I really let my body go, and the pleasure kept building. It culminated in a really rather unique sensation for me. It started in the right side of my groin, spreading to the whole of my genitals, then down my legs. This feeling was like a numb feeling, yet at the same time I could feel like a sweet buzzing, vibrating in my genital and anus, I guess it could be compared to something like the feeling of e-stim. Anyway I'm really intrigued to see where this takes me.

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