• A New Level; The Wonderful World of Dry-Os!

    Well, after twenty six months less a few days, my journey has escalated to a new level last night; I believe I have experienced a dry-O for the first time.  It might not even be one as this is a new feeling for me but I have been reading too many forum entries to consider it something else.
    Before outlining details of that session, I will mention that I had a great session Tuesday night featuring my Helix Syn for the entire session. At the end of the two and a half hour session, I retired to bed but once again, my prostate was in no mood for sleeping. I was in full orgasmic state for the entire night.
    I had planned another session for Wednesday night but wondered about success since I was tired from lack of sleep the night before. I proceeded, first with my Eupho-Syn for about an hour and then pulled it out to give myself a fifteen minutes break (had an Aless which felt great). 
    Next, I inserted my Maximus for the rest of my session.  My position was flat on my back, knees up, ankles to my butt for about twenty minutes and then I crossed one leg over the other (one foot in the air) squeezing the massager closer to my prostate. I like this position when I’m hungry for more aggressiveness in my session. This works great specially with my bigger units such as the Maximus and the Progasm Ice.
    Once settled and fully relaxed, tremors began at the base of my penis and eventually climbed to my glans and that is when I climbed to the new plateau, the world of Dry-Os where I stayed for a good fifteen minutes.
    My usual sessions never include sensations anywhere close to my penis but this one was all over my penile zone. Needless to say it felt absolutely great, like nothing I ever felt before. I also noticed that I had far more precum than usual.
    Being Aneros mature, I know not to expect a repeat in my next session or the next or the next but I do know this will not be the last.
    As I’m putting the final words down on this blog entry, I can feel my prostate quiver, eager for action. I plan on having an Aless tomorrow morning and a full scale session tomorrow night. As of now, my body has not whispered which massager it will request.
    Life is truly wonderful!


    • Avatar for BigGlansDC


      03/16/2018at5:53 am

      @GGringo, I wish to congratulate you in reaching the world of Dry-O’s! I believe your Dry-O’s have made your quivering prostate, “quivering for action,” hungering for the aneros in future sessions.
      Maximus is one my favorite Aneros tools. I love its size plus girth in how it massages both my prostate and anal musculature so directly!

    • Avatar for goldenboy


      03/16/2018at11:38 am

      @GGringo Interesting how the body “knows” which massager it wants! That is usually how I select Aneros for my next session.

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      03/16/2018at2:32 pm

      @GGringo Aneros pleasure is always good but having a succession of Dry-Os is wonderful! When you’re in that “Dry-O Zone” it feels like time stands still for you! You want it to last forever!

    • Avatar for GGringo


      03/17/2018at1:14 pm

      @goldenboy how true! I can get used to this.

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      03/17/2018at9:53 pm

      I can’t believe how fast the time passes during a session. A couple of hours just fly by!

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