• A New Beginning

    Last night was my third straight night having a Aneros session and my tool of choice was my Progasm Ice. I had used my Helix Syn for both previous nights.
    What differed last night is that I dedicated my entire session to the ‘Do Nothing’ method. This is the second time I tried this and the results were pretty well the same; nothing. My theory was to completely let my prostate do all the work or at least some work rather than me doing Kegels, contractions, fantasies, nipple stim. and etc. I should not say I got nothing; the exercise did not give me waves or twitches or anything else but it did make me feel the direct contact of my tool was on my prostate and it made me realise how relaxed I can get if I really try.
    This was enough of a discovery or I should call it a new beginning or better yet, an new option for course of action for some future sessions. There is something there to pursue but I just ran out of time. The P-Ice is probably the best tool for this type of session. I plan to continue to explore the ‘Do Nothing’ method which proves to be successful with some of my co-members on the Forum.


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      10/02/2016at2:39 pm

      @GGringo – Sorry to hear that you got nothing. When I first decided to use the “Do Nothing” method, I would lay there with the Progasm Ice inserted. It’s an amazing device – you certainly know it’s in there!
      This may sound a bit weird, but what I do is visualise that my Anus and rectum are a ‘vagina’ and the Progasm Ice is a ‘penis’ that needs to be pulled into it, to make contact with the cervix. When I think this, immediately the involuntary contractions start pulling and pushing the Progasm Ice hard into me, that then lets me achieves the mini O’s that I love so much. This seems to work for me almost every time.

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      10/02/2016at6:24 pm

      @OMGBO thanks for the tip; I will try it.
      If memory erves, I read your entries and you are miles ahead of me in your journey of rewiring. The concept of ‘do nothing’ was not attractive to me as I was getting bored immediately so these latest efforts to make it work should pay dividend. Patience is a virtue. I enjoy hearing and learning from more experienced members like yourself.

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      10/03/2016at4:50 am

      Great to see you making progress! Key thing I’m seeing from your ‘do nothing’ sessions is you’re learning to really relax and listen to your body. When you cant pick out those new sensations Aneros triggers from the background noise, you’ve cum a long way! Have fun re-wiring!

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      10/03/2016at10:51 am

      @GGringo, I have found that “do-nothing” starting from nothing yields close to nothing. However, if I start out with either an edging/surfing session or binaurals or something else. thus becoming really aroused, then progress to an Aneros do-nothing, the results can be amazing! But sometimes even a perfectly-executed do-nothing session needs to be cut-short due to a non-responsive prostate!

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      10/04/2016at1:09 am

      @GGringo, I am sorry that I have not been on Aneros.com much lately, but please note that you have a supportive friend from afar.

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