• a marathon day

    I spent most of yesterday having orgasms. My day included:
    -a morning anerosless session
    -a couple of sessions trading energy with people on the chat
    -another anerosless session in the afternoon
    -3 hours with maximus and helix at night
    -another anerosless session after removal of the aneros
    -a super-t to end it all
    I'm not exaggerating when I say that I'm sure I had on the order to 50 orgasms throughout the day. During one of the chats, I had one that lasted more than 10 minutes.
    The session I had that included the maximus was amazing. I had more intensity and variety of feelings than ever before. I switch to the helix but I didn't do much for me.
    This morning, I was completely wiped. Yesterday took a lot out of me. I've been weak and tired all day. I feel a bit better this evening though. Even though I've been in this condition, sexual thoughts or mental focus will get things going again very easily. I've been tempted to succumb but have resisted so far. It's very odd to have to suppress this. I would have expected my fatigue to be enough to prevent the feelings. Apparently not…

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