• A major Aneros discovery this morning! May 10 session

    Recent happenings:

    What I wrote on Saturday April 28.

    “I am now in day 22 of my second SR challenge. A couple days ago in the early hours of Thursday morning. I may have experienced a wet dream. The most wonderful thing about semen retention. which could be part of the discipline of chastity or even sexual continence, is for experienced Anerosers that it increases most delicious sensations in a guy’s anal tract, even his seminal tract.

    “That is what I felt early Thursday morning. I felt like I was going shoot cum! I was certainly in the vicinity of the PONR summit on the mount of sexual arousal. It felt so good! In fact, that is what I feel in a most luminous, electric Aless right now, a good five hours when this morning’s session concluded. However, getting back to Thursday, I don’t think I had an ejaculatory orgasm in my wet dream because I would have discovered a copious pool of semen.

    “For this morning’s session, I used in sequence the following Aneros tools: Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Maximus and Progasm Classic. I think the session lasted at least one hour, perhaps more. It was definitely a good session because that is when I feel when I had a really good fuck session!”

    It is really good to masturbate once in a while now! What happened morning at sunrise on May 2.

    “I believe that last Wednesday, May 2, I had a rather good, yet “short” masturbation session which lasted about 15-20 which ended my second SR 21 challenge which extended to day 26. My long Aneros journey has revitalized the vitality of my sexual apparatus which most days now is permeated with “sexual electricity” which comes from my Aneros sessions and Aless. So my ejaculatory orgasms may last several minutes now. My semen is more copious and creamier. My Aless following an ejaculatory orgasm is slightly diminished, but still strong! So even at my age, masturbation is really good for you!”

    What happened earlier this morning : Aneros “inflection points”

    “This morning I used the following models in order: MGX, Eupho Classic, Maximus and Progasm ICE

    “Recently I have entered into a new relationship with MGX. For a long time, I have enjoy how the MGX hugs my prostate while its ribbed stem massages my anal tract. However, this morning I decided to have a more active interaction with the MGX through the Kegels and rhythmic breathing. Wow! This active interaction with MGX gave off tons of pleasure. Also this morning I made a major observation in that there were crescendos of pleasure which I call Aneros “inflections of pleasure” which if I entered into these inflections I would experience Super-O’s. I did this several times with MGX which with nipple diddling would produce gold nuggets of pleasure! Likewise I tried this technique with Eupho Classic, Maximus, and Progasm, and again more gold nuggets.

    “Various Aneros directions for use suggest using the Kegels in sessions with Aneros. The Aneros was actually developed to work hand-in-hand with the Kegel Exercises. I discovered this truth early in my Aneros journey when my sessions began gathering steam in years 2013-2014.

    “I hope to have a repeat session tomorrow morning for more discoveries. I can’t wait!”

    Update at 5:51 p.m. — 5/10/2018. I am in day 8 of my new SR challenge!

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