• A-less and Aurora borealis, Five miles up!

    So there I was, at 36000 feet, flying over Iceland and Greenland, after sleeping a good six hours before on the 12 hour marathon, I waslooking out the window at the sparkling winter stars when I saw a band of pale gray green light with stars above, below and within. I immediately knew it to be the aurora borealis, which I last say on a similar flight from LA. Anyhow, the excitement generated by my amateur-astronomical good fortune kept me from going back to sleep. So…I decided to put some of Chuckjo's exercises and some A-less tips which I've gathered from others, more experienced than I, A-lessly. )Thanks, iobkh(. And I was fortunately in a seat that reclined a bit more than usual. Some slow, slow breathing, not to deep, and trying to make it abdominal and not chest breathing )much easier to do when I'm horizontal (. Then felt some stirrings down there, which pleasantly progressed to full fledged P waves. At that point, I tried to discreetly put my right hand over my navel area )fully closed, of course LOL(, under my blanket, and hoping that the guy next to me was engaged in his movie sufficiently not to notice the "tent" from my hand )and only from my hand!!(. It was at least 30 min of building, low grade pleasure that was just fantastic. Thinking about it while I sit in the terminal waiting for my connecting flight brings on a smile. I think I'm on my way to A-less bliss on my future flights and, well, whenever. Anyone else have inflight experiences to share?

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      02/17/2015at4:27 am

      Welcome, try drinking a beer next time :(

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