• A Full Dozen Of Ruined Orgasms

    Indulging in excessive edging I lately set a personal record. Playing the tease and denial game until the point of no return and slightly over the edge, I tried to hold back my ejaculation after already having felt its beginning. But this time I’ve only been putting kind of weak effort into it. Like trying to stop peeing I focused on the same musculature but instead of trying hard I only let it be a halfhearted attempt. Nevertheless it worked except some single droplets of semen appearing at the tip. Then I counted down from 20 and worked up my horniness to the edge again. Allowing these little droplets and stopping any teasing for 15 to 20 seconds each time before going on with edging let me scratch the edge eleven times – always allowing one to three small and bigger drops of semen appear before a first pulsating stream of semen welled up along with some hormones set free like with a usual ejaculation. This session made me extremely horny and its controlled ecstasy has given me a new sort of bliss – a very special experience I liked to share. Enjoy!
    What the heck is this guy talking about?
    Simply ablout separation of orgasm from ejaculation as a milestone of my journey.
    First edging helped me with rewiring, now rewiring supports edging. Win-win!


    • p38

      03/26/2020at11:28 am

      My edging after a week + semen retention , first edge I sometimes ooze a stream of ejaculate with no pulsing. When I edge again after a short pause, I get the 1-3 droplets, repeat a couple of times…..until……..i fall off the edge, pulsing ….then hello refractory period and a day or two to regaini arousal.
      Never have made it 11 times…Well done.
      I agree, the edging is helping my rewiring.

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