• a full day

    I had a full day to myself today so I decided to take advantage of it. I started with an unbelievable anerosless session. It ramped up very quickly and I had several really good orgasms. This session lasted about an hour. I then decided to give the eupho a try. I spent another hour here and it was probably the best yet. My aneros sessions are slowly getting better and better. They now rival my anerosless ones in intensity. This session seemed to run its course so I stopped. After a little break, I started to feel some after effects so I launched into another anerosless session. After about 20 minutes of very high arousal and strong dry-o's, I decided to see what the maximus would do for me. The session was nothing short of amazing. It had me groaning and squirming. I finished with an incredible super-t. I'm still p-waving and expect to have another anerosless session later tonight.

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