• A few Weeks Away

    Circumstances around a business trip meant no Aneros play for me for a few weeks. I’m back at base now and sessions have resumed.

    Session 1 –
    I arrived at this session with completely the wrong mindset, my head was in the wrong place. I rushed into the session not allowing myself to get ‘in the mood’. I was far too hasty and my expectations were far too high, not that the session was a dud, anything but.
    There were P-waves and dry-O’s but I got nowhere close to a Super-O. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the pleasures it gifted to me, it just wasn’t the best. I know from experience this happens from time to time and a period of rewiring is required.
    The session concluded with a powerful and spectacular T-Orgasm, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time!

    Session 2 –
    Similar to above but with more progress made and more familiar deep and enjoyable sensations returning, p-waves and dry-o’s.
    Once again the session ended with a T-orgasm.

    Session 3 –
    This time I gave myself a lot longer to warm up, long hot shower, douche and then an hour of browsing porn. What a difference this approach made, I felt so different to the previous sessions, more relaxed, less distracted, more ‘in-the-zone’.
    I started with the Eupho and for the first 30-40 mins went with the ‘do nothing’ technique, with little or no results, I swapped it out for the MGX (my absolute favourite at present) instantly I could feel it nuzzling against my prostate which was buzzing with approval.
    I tried various moves to get things moving, controlled breathing and gentle anal and pelvic contractions, this did the trick. I was revelling in the pleasure of p-waves, my legs were gently vibrating, I could also feel the buzz in my prostate growing in strength. I experimented with stronger contractions which helped to intensify the feelings.
    I then did someone I don’t normally do, I simultaneously contacted my pelvic and anal muscles, I held them there for twenty to thirty seconds, WOW! My prostate was loving this, I slowly released the pressure, the MGX took over and began to auto-fuck me, the walls of my ass were fluttering, who was I to argue? I lay back and soaked up the intense pleasure, as it built my stomach muscles began to tighten and I could feel the onset of a Super-O, I told myself to relax and go with it, just as I was on the edge the doorbell rang and moment left me, distracted by the rude interruption!
    I left the session there as I’d been at it for over two hours and I do have work to do, also I have a new toy arriving this week to add to my collection, a Progasm Ice, so I didn’t want to cum.

    I previously owned a Progasm Jr but it never did did anything for me. Times have changed and I’m rewired now so I’m hoping it lives up to its reputation.

    I goes without saying I keep you posted with my progress.


    • Ggringo

      10/05/2020at11:03 am

      @nice-sounding-guy great write up! You’ll love the PI; mine works wonders for me.

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