• A Cockring Out Of Energy

    Last afternoon I lay on my couch and replaced my envision of touching my sweet spot right above my penis‘ root and my perineum by forming a half of a cockring using my forefinger and my middlefinger. Inspired by the actual movies about action heroes and all their magic skills and energies I instead imagined a ring of energy emitting a mixture of green and blue light at the position of and formed like a typical cockring. At my sweet spots I attached some transmitters for contact and energy transport. Then I let the energy flow and the vibes take over. It immediately became one of my most intense Aless sessions including some achingly forceful thrustings of my throbbing rock-hard member, some extreme squirming and writhing by letting go every of a lot of surprisingly crazy involuntaries accompanied by vocalizations that could have been used for the next Jurassic Parc episode.

    What a joy!

    So many thanks to @darkOrb for his initiating post.

    Enjoy yourself!



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      06/27/2019at10:20 pm

      Contact me – im gagging forca fuck

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